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Green Festivals: From Carpooling to Compost

festival photo - rachel - earthdance talking to family

SpaceShare builds online carpool systems for festivals, sometimes alongside hotel room-sharing, taxi-sharing, activist-matching or other ways to save resources or strengthen community at events. festival photo - mary - lightning in a bottle

We're not just about the technology: we work with organizers to help wake people up, we show up at festivals and talk to thousands of people, we're working on green-festival skits for this coming season. We maintain a calendar of green events, making it easy for car-free folks to get to carpool-friendly festivals.

If you go to festivals...

  1. Some things you can do on your own: bring a waterbottle, a mug and your own plate and silverware. Support local, organic and low-on-the-foodchain vendors.
  2. Some things are best done in partnership with the festival: leave your car home and carpool or even take the bus; if you do drive bring less stuff and more friends. Explore the recycling and composting at each event - at some events what looks like "plastic" may be compost, get your friends to know the difference. You can search our calendar of environmentally friendly festivals, and support the music that supports our planet!
  3. Sometimes you need to take the lead: if you are buying tickets, you have the power. Tiny SpaceShare or giant GreenPeace sometimes have a tough time getting the attention of festival organizers, but you're their source of income, and most festivals will listen. First, thank them for everything green that they do. Then make suggestions on how to run a greener event.

If you plan festivals...

  1. Contact SpaceShare and tell us about your festival, then we'll work on transportation solutions with you.
  2. For on-site greening such as recycling and composting, we have a variety of guides or contact a professional like Green Mary in California or Clean Vibes based in North Carolina.

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