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Partners, Contract Work & Employment

During the Recession, it's unlikely we'll be hiring anyone. People at SpaceShare have some great ideas for related businesses if you're entrepreneurial.

SpaceShare is attempting a new model, we're not driven by venture
capital, foundations or charity. It's just ordinary people getting to
work to create the change we'd like to see in the world. We're succeeding and growing fast, doing amazing work to strengthen
communities and save resources, and beginning to bring in financial resources
to hire people.

Are we hiring, partnering?
Contract/Partnership Roles at SpaceShare.
Businesses we'd like to see someone else start.

Are we hiring, looking for partners, how do I apply?

SpaceShare has been a one-employee sole-proprietorship along with
many interns and volunteers. As we're ready
to grow, we are considering two paths to create great career-paths:
1 - Finding professionals who are willing to work on commission, basically
a form of partnership, ideally people with the same "Do It Ourselves"
approach as SpaceShare has taken so far. We hope that we will
all earn good living wages, but there are no gaurantees and there is
a delay between work and cash flow.
2 - "Travel-Sourcing," hiring contractors at a living wage somewhere
far from and much more affordable than San Francisco, perhaps Thailand.
*January 2009 note: we are again looking to hire, ideally this month and starting by Feb 1.

If you would like to be part of SpaceShare, please indicate which of the
above three paths you'd like to explore.
Feel free to ask questions. What inspires you, what would you hope to accomplish with us?

Income Earning Roles With SpaceShare:

  • Marketing, Sales & Sponsorship. Call conference and festival
    organizers and inspire (& sell) them on SpaceShare. Probably in the Bay
    Area (though that may be optional for a partner working on commission
    instead of an employee.) More info.
  • Office Support & Writing, from amazing low cost of living location.
    [Mostly writing/organizational skills, travel-sourcing] Earn a living wage in Thailand (lots of flexibility). We're looking for two people to be our general writer and office assistant who'd love the idea of living someplace exotic and affordable, earning a decent living wage there. Work would range from research, to user support and client contacts, to very simple web design. If you have other strengths, we'll happily let you stretch: help with volunteer coordination, or developing marketing/outreach materials, or graphics...
    You'll need to be very independent. We're open to travelers staying longer or someone completely fluent in English anywhere a living wage is much lower than San Francisco contracting with us. This is intended as contract work where you want to be -- we're not going to buy tickets for someone (past interns excepted!), it's challenging for us to know whether you'll fit well with SpaceShare's needs from an interview. Tell us how you can help partner with SpaceShare, and help us change the world & create jobs people will love on a low-budget.

Working for a worthwhile project from
Thailand was my personal dream-job before SpaceShare; if this doesn't sound
like an amazing opportunity you probably don't want to do it, but might know
someone who would. Ask questions, make suggestions! More info -- please read before applying.

Summary, Your Own Business:
We'd like to see someone start these businesses, and we might play a
support role, helping you get started.

  • The Little Green Expo at festivals. We're looking for someone to start the "Little Green Expo" marketing a wide variety of small green businesses at festivals. We've begun this effort, but it is distracting for a project
    as small as SpaceShare, and could use another individual to lead it up.
    from ride- and room-sharing to organic flowers.
  • Green Weddings. From ride-shares and room-shares for guests (of course), to organic flowers and catering.
  • Festival Sponsorship Coordination Festivals searching for sponsors face a nightmare. Would you like to coordinate a business designing an online system to simplify the process, helping sponsors find the right events; helping fundraisers and festivals find their sponsors.
  • Hemp Signs for festivals We want to buy/trade from you & market for you.