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Environmental Workshops


Below are workshops organized by SpaceShare activists & allies, appropriate for events with an environmental mission.

Related to SpaceShare's Tools

  • Replacing Cars with Community: Ride-sharing and environmental networking.
  • Activist Seedlings: Paths to Activism; Paths to Activism at Festivals.

Other Issues:

  • Foundations of Global Economics: Learn the basics of mainstream economics and a progressive critique.

Replacing Cars with Community:

Ride-sharing and environmental networking.

Presenter: Stephen Cataldo, SpaceShare

Walk out of your house, pick up your cell phone, get a ride. Two HOV lanes on every highway. Ordinary suburban families cutting back to one car, then voting for bigger changes.

These changes don't require miracles first. Environmental logistics and greening events is a rapidly growing effort transforming how people get together. Enviros are already helping events carpool, recycle, green and build community: with your help we'll spread carpooling everywhere!

Learn about the new tools that connect people to share and save resources. Learn how you can get involved: grassroots groups are making a real difference and need you.

Activist Seedlings:

Paths to Activism; Paths to Activism at Festivals

Presenter: Stephen Cataldo
Volunteer Seedlings with SpaceShare
This discussion logically follows "Replacing Cars with Community."

100,000 people marching for Peace, inspired, excited, ready to get involved. Then, they are handed a stack of flyers and pleas for money, but don't even know their neighbor is involved?

Personal transformation grows best in community. Activist Seedlings helps large events connect people at the root, helps neighbors start small groups where they live. We listen to people and hear how they want to get involved. Then we - volunteers, interns, and sometimes the programmers who build the event's carpool system - we connect them with whoever they want to meet.

It's simple, it's fun, makes a huge difference empowering people to work for peace, justice & planet, and you get to help people feel more inspired with their lives. This workshop will discuss a variety of tools and techniques for helping people who care become people who act - and how to make that activism inspiring. Fight burnout!

These workshops are useful for anyone who'd like to make large events more inspiring, more focused efforts to get people started as activists.

Foundations of Global Economics:

Learn the basics of mainstream economics and a progressive critique.

Presenter: Stephen Cataldo
Stephen has an economics degree and is writing a book to teach Economics 101 students how to point out the flaws in their professors' neoliberal math-flavored ideology.

Trade deficits? Investment flows? Tax cuts are a stimulous? You know that workers deserve a living wage, you know that trashing the planet can't really be good for the economy. This workshop aims to help you understand what the conservatives and neoliberal economists are saying so that progressive critiques will be more convincing.

Since most other progressive economics discussions focus on equity issues and corporate welfare, this discussion will focus on the confusing mechanics of the economy instead: The Bush tax cut is a stimulous? What are the deficits -- and how do they connect to the strange fact that Americans consume vastly more than our share? Environmentalists and social justice critics of the current economy say that America consumes more than our share: this workshop will explain why and how the rest of the world lets us consume more than our share. What is the difference between "free" and "fair" trade, why is the WTO evil? If greed wants the WTO, what are the alternatives?

If you're taking an economics class, innoculate yourself! Open to everyone, we'll start with the basics. We'll be learning the language of the mainstream and the conservatives, so we can translate our progressive ideas and preach beyond the choir.

[NOTE: most economic discussions on the progressive side are a single alternative theory, with themes such as Communism, Small is Beautiful, etc. This discussion is aimed to give everyone the tools to discuss these theories, but doesn't stick to one alternative theory in particular.]