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Recent and Upcoming Events

Please support these green festivals and conferences. Let them know you're attending because they've made the effort to be ecologically responsible! Regions and start dates for the events are given:

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San Francisco Bay Area

North America

    Getting your event listed

    Today, SpaceShare works with larger events to build customized "Green Travel" systems, including assisting the event organizers to inspire attendees to explore Green Travel. If you are organizing an event - or can put us in contact with the organizers of your favorite events - we would be very happy to help green your festivals, conferences, campuses and any other large gatherings. Please contact us and tell us about your event, then we'll describe which of our tools could help you.

    Not all the events we work for are listed (primarily invite-only events, for example weddings). Most of your event attendees are likely to find the carpool system directly from your event's website or other announcements; we hope the "upcoming events" page will attract a few more people who want to patronize green events, or find events they can reach without a car.

    Given the funding, we would love to build simpler, standardized systems for carpooling to smaller events, but haven't done that yet (contact us to get involved!). If you are a traveler, we are collecting information on other carpooling options and green travel tips.