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Carpool Sponsorships, Green Sponsorships

We're looking for ways to make it possible for every event to be green. Green Travel Sponsors make it happen.

Our green travel tools generate interest and excitement, people appreciate when events make the effort. This excitement makes Green Sponsorship a perfect opportunity for earth-friendly enterprises. Sponsors get all the positive publicity of a charitable donation, but at the same time receive a solid ROI for the advertising dollar. We can't emphasize that enough: we're not looking for charity. We will put your company in the green spotlight in front of thousands or tens of thousands of festival attendees.

How it works for sponsors:

  • Events are excited to offer carpooling and green logistics, but often run on a tight budget with no allotment for environmental efforts. What event planners can provide is sponsorship publicity: exhibit and signage space, recognition on posters, and the other basic sponsorship benefits. These events range from huge festivals like Folklife in Seattle, to smaller music or sports gatherings.
  • If you would like to sponsor events, contact SpaceShare and let us know the types of events you would like to help green, and what sponsor benefits you would be looking for. Your sponsorship is what makes carpooling possible!
  • The best way to find out more information is to ask for what you want: tell us what you are looking for in a sponsorship, and we'll aim to craft the right sponsorship with you. You can also download our sponsorship brochure.

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