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Approaches to Community Building

Example prices, as set for a small conference of approximately 500:
  • Green Travel including ride, room and flight matching as needed ( $500 )
  • Ambassador Programs ( $750, $1000 including Green Travel )
  • Online Discussion Forums ( $1750, $2000 including Green Travel, $2250 including Ambassador, $2500 for all 3 services )
  • Conference Standard Web Design ( negotiable )
Prices increase slowly for larger conferences, in part based on expected tech support needs.

Services and Pricing

We provide customized attendee-connection services to a wide variety of events, focused on but not limited to ridesharing and other sharing. Given this variety, there is no easy formula to describe appropriate services and pricing. It's easiest for us to talk, discuss the best approach for your event, and then we will generally commit to a set cost. This page provides an overview.

Services Included under "Green Travel"

The following services are included under the Green Travel package, priced at $500 for a small conference with hundreds of attendees. This includes:
  • Customizing any combination of carpool, room-share, home-stay, flight-match, airport taxi and car-rental matching, as needed for your event and based on the schedule of your event, into an online interface and database.
  • Providing outreach advice to encourage your attendees to use the system, and to make you look good for being green.  We have templates for web announcements, email articles, and other ways to talk about running a green, community event.  We're happy to help adjust them to the themes of your event (e.g., "protect the earth" or "travel with your neighbors to build community" or "our conference is providing you a new way to network"), or the colors of your materials.
  • Personalized tech support, and reminder check-ins for users where we offer to help if they are having problems, and feedback for you after the event. The website is just the tool: we're here to help your attendees connect and conserve.
  • Simple design modifications, such as your logo and/or that of a sponsor you choose, and basic color changes.
  • In some cases, we provide publicity such as your card posted at other event.


Festivals typically focus much more on carpooling, rather than the full suite of services, and in our experience require less technical support. Prices typically vary between $500 for a smaller festival to $1000 for a typical larger festival: our pricing is complicated because there are a wide variety of factors that tremendously impact expected use, beyond simply the size.

In many cases, especially in Northern California, we exchange our work for open sponsorships, and then search for an underwriter. Please contact us to discuss this option.

Alternative Payment or Exchange

SpaceShare was founded to help people be green. But most of our clients are nonprofits, amazing but low budget organizations, and we do need to keep SpaceShare itself sustainable. Our approach: low budget events, such as a ticketless EarthDay celebration, are welcome to help our mission in non-cash ways while we help your event:

  • Sponsorships that can be underwritten, especially in Northern California. This is especially appropriate for music festivals that use a sponsorship model. You provide sponsorship benefits, and we do our best to find a sponsor who will underwrite our work in exchange for those benefits. We often work with Columbia Gorge Organic Juice, for example.
  • Connect us with green businesses who would like to sponsor other events that we work with.
  • Provide committed volunteer hours to accomplish one of the tasks for SpaceShare's festival team. SpaceShare's work greening festivals involves a team of volunteers, and we often need artists, designers and creative work. This is an appopriate fair-exchange for events such as environmental rallies, for example designing graphics or videos for environmental education.

Small Event Note

SpaceShare's tools are always customized, and are designed for events large enough to require sorting of attendees. We do not yet have tools (free or otherwise) designed for small events. We'd love to partner with an organization, or help an individual get started, providing simpler carpool tools for smaller events!