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I found someone to share a cab with from the airport and someone to share a room with at the conference. Perfect!
Sarah Browning

Event Planner's Guide

SpaceShare develops environmental logistics and networking tools for large gatherings: we help people share and save resources while building community. We would like to help you run greener, better networked events. Our carpool tools are specifically designed for the needs of gatherings, and we can also help orchestrate room-shares, flight-networking, issue-connections and custom networking.

How our sites work

First, you (the event planner) contact us. We will ask some basic questions about how attendees will be reaching your event, then build a database system specifically for your event and your needs. Attendees simply sign in and describe their needs, and instantly are shown the best match. With privacy protected, they can email the best match, or wait for someone to email them.

It's very easy, and very quick. Travelers only need to enter their information once, acting as both a posting and as a search, and they only need to read the likely matches.

Tools available.

If your travelers needs more than carpooling, we have a suite of green travel logistics tools.
Our tools can also be customized for your unique networking needs.

The fast way to learn what we can do is to contact us, tell us your specific logistics and networking needs, and we'll do the rest.

There's no reason for your guests to arrive in a new city alone!

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