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Imagine if you could interview every person coming to your gathering. Who do they wish they could meet? If you can describe the patterns, we can make it happen. Our tools are useful for more than greening your event.

Most events today are "top-down." Attendees listen to speakers and talk to the exhibitors, but meet each other mostly by chance. Our logistics tools solve part of the problem: many people will get more out of any event by traveling to it with their neighbors.

But what if you want to connect young members with mentors? Or connect people with each other based on specific interests? If you want your attendees to be able to find each other, let's discuss the possibilities:

Some ideas:

  • Would you match mentors with youth, by region and specialty?
  • Help students team up to start new student organizations or projects?
  • Start discussion groups based on the themes of the conference?

and examples:

  • Do you host a festival with a cause: music for peace, arts for the environment? You host a few cause-related exhibitors, but running the music & arts presentations keeps you busy, and most attendees experience a great cultural event while missing your cause? We can add an optional step to buying a ticket: people sign in their interests, and look for others who'd also like to get involved.
  • Let's say you're hosting an environmental event with a biodiesel exhibitor. Rather than having a dozen people show up, one by one, and get a 60 second intro from the exhibitor, they can find each other, share a few emails before the event, go together to the exhibitor with the intention of taking home the new information and doing something about it. If it's a camping event, let people coordinate camping groups online.

Is this yet another online community? No. SpaceShare's tools help people connect, usually so that they can actually meet their neighbors or meet people with similar interests at your event. Together, they might decide to join Friendster or Tribe or Care2, but we leave that up to them, and our general philosophy is that the web should be a tool with specific purpose, not a replacement for live community. People log on, make connections, and then they are done with our website and meeting in the real world, at your event.

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