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RideSharing and Community Creation for Festivals

SpaceShare was great for carpooling to Solfest. Not only did I ride with two great people, but we bonded and are still in contact. Not only that, but I later joined an environmental organization and both of them ended up becoming great business networking contacts too!
-- Justin Link

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Festival Rideshare Summary

SpaceShare will design a ride-share website for your festival, customized to your schedule and your needs, with your logo or that of your green-sponsor. We'll provide tech-support for your attendees, and work with you to create an environmental campaign that inspires your guests to explore their green options.

If you like, we can provide many other ways for your guests to network: from travel-related options such as room-shares, hosting and flight-connections, to community forums or more custom web development. Part of our mission is community building, and we're particularly excited to help environmental organizations and non-profits connect experienced activists and organizations with potential-activists.

Prices for our green travel systems typically start at $500. Green Travel makes) a great benefit to attract additional sponsors, and we'll work with you to promote your sponsor. (Are we a fit for your event?)

Please contact us with any questions. We're happy to do our best to guide you to greening resources besides our own work.

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Our Services: From Orchestrating Rideshares to Building Community

Neighbors Sharing Rides to Your Festival

Our core service is helping neighbors connect to share the ride to your event, minimizing fuel use and parking hassles, making your event more affordable, helping people make deeper connections
I stayed with a fellow poet for the duration of the Split This Rock festival, and it was a very positive experience. Without their generous hospitality, I would not have been able to attend.
-- Abigail Johnson

Beyond Ridesharing: More Green Travel and Community Building Services.

  • Housing: helping people share hotel rooms or find guest homes.
  • Flights: fly together, share taxis on arrival. Flight and housing matches work similar to carpool tools, with your attendees signing in, describing their travels, then contacting likely travel partners.
  • Customized networking and community creation
  • Online discussion forums, even basic Drupal CMS sites.
  • We are happy to hear any web or environmental questions outside our niche, and might be able to connect you to further resources. If you want to be green, we want to help.

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How SpaceShare's Green Travel Systems Work

I saw your link on the EarthDance website + signed up to share my ride and had a fabulous commute to ED with a really nice person and made a new friend. I'll use it again.
-- Carrie M., EarthDance Volunteer
We customize a database and web site to your festival's specific needs.  We can take public transportation hubs and shuttles into account, and help people find their neighbors and carpool from across town or across the country. 

More than that, we'll help you construct an outreach program that brings carpooling from the fringes to center stage. If you'd like to connect people for more than travel partners, tell us what you need. 

We seamlessly integrate the logistics site into your web registration or directions page.  Attendees can quickly describe their needs, and then search for and email potential matches.  We provide users support and strongly protect their privacy.

Is this a fit for your event?

Our tools are focused on large event carpooling. If you expect just a dozen carpoolers, an online discussion board will hold up just fine. If you want to post a single little "click to carpool" link and let two dozen people needing rides sign up without encouraging enough drivers to join them, SpaceShare is not for you. If you want to provide a very easy interface for scores or hundreds of carpoolers, to work with experts who can develop an outreach campaign for you to promote green travel, and have expert support and hand-holding for you and your attendees, then talk to us! A good carpool system including outreach takes a bit of work: if the price seems too high you'll want to find a simpler approach or a sponsor; if you can't afford the price we're environmentalists open to other approaches to fair exchange.

Summary | Our Services | How It Works | Benefits
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Here's how your festival, and the planet, will benefit:

  • Make your event more environmentally friendly, gaining appreciation from your attendees and the press.
  • Cut costs for your audience, helping more people attend. 
  • Offer a great way to network and make new friends, giving attendees yet one more reason to come back next year.
SpaceShare is a crucial part of the greening of SolFest. The folks at SpaceShare make it easy to be green, delivering professional results and serious reductions in vehicle miles travelled. Thanks SpaceShare!
-- Doron Amiran
Next Steps:

Whether just carpooling or any combination of green travel connections, networking and web development, please let us know which of our approaches might interest you. Then we can quickly guide you through the steps you'll need to take.  We make this process very easy for event organizers: all event planners are overwhelmingly busy, we do the bulk of the work and quickly guide you through the few steps you'll need to take.

We're happy to tell you the details about how we work, or equally happy to take charge and help green your festival with minimal involvement by your staff. Together lets help people attend your festival who otherwise couldn't attend, make friends as they travel, and generally make the journey to the festival become part of the festival. Contact us online, or call Stephen at 510-520-6175 or email info@spaceShare.com

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