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Integrated Logistics for Conferences

Simple events may just need carpooling, but the SpaceShare system can orchestrate much more complex needs.

For a multi-day event with long distance travelers:

  • Local participants can find their neighbors and carpool.
  • Network with others on the flight or train. Spending a flight talking to someone about the conference can be a tremendous improvement over flying alone, essentially extending your conference for the duration of everyone's flights.
  • At the airport or train station, match with people arriving at the same time, to share a taxi or car rental. There is no reason for people to arrive in a new city alone.
  • Share a hotel room, or local residents can offer space for a home-stay. A great way to make the conference more affordable for students and others on a low budget.

We can easily customize the system for your specific matching and networking needs.

Integrated searches:

Imagine someone driving long distance to your conference alone, hoping to share a ride and a room. They can create one search for both. Even if hundreds of people sign up, they will very quickly be able to see if a neighbor would also like to share the ride and then share a room. If they can't find one perfect match, they can separate their search and look for one ride partner and another roommate.

We customize the site for each event, and welcome your suggestions. Let's find a way to make your event environmentally friendly while protecting your time and your bottom line.

What we do for you:

We do more than build a web site:

  • Customize our system for the needs of your event, which saves your attendees' time.
  • Provide quick, effective consulting on outreach ideas.
  • We're happy to integrate carpooling and other logistics into your online registration process. Putting a link that says "Carpool Here" on your website is likely to attract small numbers, but we'll show you how to easily drive up participation.
  • Work with you to find a Green Sponsor for your event.
  • Share our collection of ideas and best practices regarding alternative transportation and travel, or guide you to other environmental service providers.
  • SpaceShare provides a chance for you to publicly express your commitment to protecting the environment. We're happy to work with you to aim for media exposure as you green your event.

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