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Creating Community at your Conference or Festival

Imagine if you could talk to everyone at your festival and find out who they would most like to meet. Tell us what patterns would emerge, and we can build a matching system to your needs.

There are two "categories" of tools: for connecting individuals with individuals (using the carpooling engine, but matching based on interests rather than seats in the car), and structured forums for creating groups and for continuing discussions.

Custom individual-to-individual matching.

Imagine if you could interview every attendee coming to your event, and help them make the perfect connections.  What patterns would emerge?  Would you match mentors with youth?  Match neighbors who are interested in the same speakers?  Start neighborhood book clubs based on the themes of your conference?  Examples:
  • A solar conference wants first-time attendees matched with "Conference Mentors," based on mutual interests.
  • A Sustainable Campuses conference wants students and staff from each campus to mix their carpools and get to know people outside their usual social circles.

These tools are customized for every event; the above ideas are just examples.  We use the carpool matching engine, but altered for networking rather than car seats.  Send me your first thoughts about the connections you would like to make at your event, and I'll tell you how we can help.

Structured Online Forums

We build and host a bulletin board for you, often combined with consultation on structuring both the agenda and the online tools so that attendees can become participants.  Attendees can introduce themselves online, form groups based on both their interests and geographical community, and ask questions or write replies concerning the issues of the conference.  Speakers can introduce their topics in greater detail, read questions beforehand, and continue to interact afterwards. 

Detailed Examples



  • Example: Activist Festival Neighbor-Match (PDF).
  • Example: If your festival invites and promotes non-profits or cause-driven organizations, we can provide an online forum for your attendees to connect with them, sign up for mailing lists, find neighbors interested in the same non-profit, or even plan small meetings at the festival.
  • Arts Festival Example: Connect neighbors to take classes together or attend local music with their neighbors. Let your festival be the place where people make connections that last for years and expose them to new art forms.
  • Other Possibilities: Marathons can connect neighbors to train together before they carpool to the run; political events can create neighborhood action groups. How do you want to see your attendees form a community?

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