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SpaceShare's Vision

We dream of a world covered in forest, while living on concrete & asphalt. Environmentalists have visions of a healthier, saner world: but we haven't convinced 51% of the electorate that we're more than dreamers, and so they don't vote for our vision. To grow the forest, a few seedlings have to crack the concrete: we need practical successes to gain trust for our bigger vision.

In an ideal world, we might choose to start with well designed communities, connected by trains and busses, with just a few single occupancy vehicles. In a world of concrete, where everyone has their own car, what is the transition?

At SpaceShare, we're putting a first sprout through the asphalt: we are taking the steps, now, that will allow us make a transition from the world of single occupancy vehicles to more efficient and more planet-friendly alternatives. We use the existing infrastructure: to assist and encourage drivers of existing cars on existing highways to start sharing rides. SpaceShare helps match people to share rides, reduce traffic and spare the air.

In years to come this will become an alternative to further sprawl. Is a university planning to pave a new parking lot for Single Occupancy Vehicles, and your student group wants to stop them? When the school claims there is no alternative, we would be very happy to be that alternative. Is a state planning to expand a highway, your city turning parks into parking lots? SpaceShare will provide an alternative, helping more people conveniently use the roads already built, with less traffic and less pollution.

This could hand environmentalists a clear victory: we may reduce traffic while making it possible for more people to live without cars. Beyond preaching to the choir, this could help create the constituency that will demand ever deeper changes.

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