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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics October Newsletter
Festival Season Ended Strong

Volunteers or Couches Needed

SpaceShare hopes to send someone to all these conferences -- we need volunteers, enthusiasts and couches for travelers!

  • LeaderSHIFT 11/6-7 in Long Beach http://www.leaderscausingleaders.com/
  • The Global Summit in San Francisco Nov 8-10 (http://www.theglobalsummit.org/).
  • The weekend of Nov 12-14 there are Startup Weekends in Portland, Seattle and Boston plus a Drupal Camp in Berkeley I haven't picked between.
  • The weekend after that is the Startup Weekend in San Francisco Nov 19-21.

Volunteer? Most of these events just go and network -- easy & fun. Host Stephen in Long Beach or one of the Startup Weekend cities?

BhaktiFest, EarthDance, Bioneers and SolFest. We just wrapped up an incredibly busy and successful end to the Summer 2010 festival season. If you'd like an internship working on video skits like the one for BhaktiFest, calling festivals about carpooling (and getting to attend for free next spring), or partnering and becoming part of the next generation of event greening, please get in touch!

When the call goes out for volunteers in the spring, be sure to speak up, and you can be the volunteer who gets the tix to the amazing (& expensive) conferences next fall!

Sharing Everything

I met Janelle Orsi, "an attorney specializing in helping people share resources and create sustainable communities," at Bioneers. She's working on some of the key bottlenecks to widespread sharing, particularly note-worthy here are efforts to facilitate car-sharing that are moving forward in California: getting insurance and legal snags out of the way so we can share.

She introduced me to two great websites: The Sharing Solution for sharing anything -- cows, cars, nannies? And the Sustainable Economies Law Center focused on clearing out legal difficulties for car-sharing, local currencies, microlending and even urban agriculture.

Thinking Community, Thinking Ahead:
What conferences are you attending

Green happens when people ask for it. What conferences are you attending next spring? It's time to ask them to coordinate carpools, taxi-shares and room-sharing now.

Were you introduced to SpaceShare at festivals? See how we're even more effective helping professional conferences.

Social Networking

Founder Stephen Cataldo:

SpaceShare is becoming Verdant Event:

Intern & be SpaceShare's Social Media Guru!

Vote! California: No on 23! No on 26! No one said creating a beautiful world would be entirely easy -- vote early, wake your friends up! California voters: please find a voter guide that matches your political beliefs, some of the Propositions are tricksy and the wording hides the real impact. Two propositions are particularly bad for the planet: 23 and 26 are both environmental disasters. No on 23 on Facebook, share it!

Replacing Cars with Community,

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