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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics March Newsletter
Next Generation
SpaceShare's newsletter has been quiet because Stephen has been busy, very busy. We're prototyping the next generation of software for green & social networking, and have just returned from Denver and our first conference with the new tools. Portland and Seattle for Startup Weekends are next.

Conference Feedback: Taxi Sharing

Can't see it? Taxi Share on YouTube

Networking Conferences: Verdant Event

For years we've been intending to grow the ride- and room-share websites to include social networking tools for conferences. This winter we launched with our first prototype for the Sustainable Meetings Conference -- a great conference, check out their site!

We launched under the new name Verdant Event, still with green travel but also adding two new categories of greening: paperless conference tools and green education for travelers, along with some Content Management [CMS] and social networking functions so that event planners can pay for what they need and get greening as a bonus.

If you'd like to be involved, right now we're growing the founding team, and are looking for just a couple serious, entrepreneurial folks who'd like to be partners in creating something new -- from the response at the Sustainable Meetings Conference we're pretty sure that we've got a plan that could both do a lot of good green work and make more money than grass roots environmentalists are supposedly supposed to make, we just need the right team. We're looking for a variety of skills that any business needs especially a web UI/designer, another Drupal programmer, and one or two people combining MBA and event planning skills.

Seattle, Oakland/Bay Area, Portland and Denver are all being considered as home-base. Stephen & perhaps one or two others may be heading to Startup Weekends in your area to recruit a larger team. If you'd like to be part of that, or offer a couch, please get in touch!

History & Science of Global Warming

The more clear the science, and the closer the politicians get to taking some baby steps to protect the planet, the more noise about the science of global warming. We're going to make two nerdy suggestions this month:

Read The Discovery of Global Warming to get a sense of why scientists have become increasingly confident that we're in trouble, or this more basic primer, at the American Institute of Physics website.

A great way to deeper understanding of controversial issues is often to study a similar but less controversial issue. I really enjoyed reading Einstein's Telescope by Evalyn Gates. If you have a bookclub or friends' reading group, consider reading this and discussing the way scientists handle bizarrely complex phenomena like the warping of space-time or dark matter, and then follow that up by discussing the discovery of global warming.

Thinking Sunshine: Festival Season Team Needed

We're looking at another festival season, with our best volunteers from past years off in grad school. SpaceShare can't get out there and inspire the festival community to carpool unless we're face-to-face, so we need volunteers.

If you love festivals and the planet, we need you. It's real simple, step up if you want to see it happen. We're deciding right now whether to work with events like the Harmony Festival and Whole Earth, and it depends on nothing more complex than a few committed volunteers.

It's lots of fun: free tickets to festivals, unlimited organic juice when Columbia Gorge sponsors us, talk to people about the planet during the day and party at night. (We'll provide a small stipend to one or two serious volunteers who take the effort seriously, coordinate the other volunteers & can deal with health inspectors when we're giving out juice.)

Social Networking

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