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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics April Newsletter
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Preparing for Festival Season

As spring brings us near the festival season, Jeff and Erin are contacting as many festivals as we can to encourage carpooling. Meanwhile, Wolfgang is wrapping up the Green Events Guide, and a big media campaign is in the works.

Earth Hour

Saturday, March 28, 2009 beginning at 8pm is Earth Hour. Gather your friends and shut your lights to make a global statement of concern about climate change and to demonstrate commitment to finding solutions. Are any of your neighbors participating?

SpaceShare would like to be the vehicle for people who want to do neighborhood-level actions, ideally starting with neighbors you meet in our carpools. Want to use Earth Hour as an excuse to talk to neighbors about greening, and perhaps then help each other install CFLs or insulation, start local-food potlucks, or rotating gardenign parties? Loneliness, apathy and powerlessness are at the root of our TV & consumption world -- take the lead in connecting your neighbors and making green fun and fulfilling!

We're not offering to do this for your neighborhood: but if you gather a few neighbors for a wonderful, local activity, we can help spread the word about what you are doing at summer festivals, and help you become a teacher.

Multimedia Experts/Volunteers Needed

We're begining to put together a multimedia campaign. Thomas Tan is a new intern working on a campaign for festivals to use encouraging greening: we're not yet sure if it will be an animated image or flash, or video. We're introducing screencasts and similar throughout the SpaceShare website.

As a low-budget do-it-ourselves project, we'll be using some of these technologies for the first time. Will you help us? Can you be a mentor and teacher of any multimedia tech? Or do you want to volunteer, or know a potential intern?

Festival Volunteers

Another festival season begins! Join us:

  1. Lots of volunteers for the Whole Earth Festival May 8-10, a free and beautiful celebration in Davis CA. Davis residents: can you host a volunteer?
  2. And one or two more people -- first shot at our tickets goes to people who are interested in learning how to be core volunteers who can help coordinate a booth at future festivals -- for the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, CA. Come for a day or camp out with us.

Connections Request: Help SpaceShare Find a Sponsor

Do you have connections with a company that could benefit from sponsoring Green Travel to festivals? Please connect us -- it could make a big difference, sponsors would let us reach hundreds instead of dozens of festivals.

Do you use Esurance? Know if they are as green as they imply? Could you suggest us here: greensuggestions@esurance.com so we can be on their map?

Greening the Hospitality Conference

The conference (mentioned in the last newsletter) was a great chance to connect with event planners greening their meetings. Stephen was part of the Virtual Technology Panel, and you'll soon be able to find the powerpoint at the conference website.

Explore our Volunteer Roles and Partnership Opportunities.

Have a friend looking for a summer internship?

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