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SpaceShare Internship Program

Are you impatient to make a difference in the world? How would you feel if your work helped get people out of their single occupancy cars and into their communities? Are you ready for real, creative work: our internships are not about making photocopies; you will have real responsibilities on a project that might not happen without you. Protect the planet, gain valuable work experience, stretch your resume. Internship applications are being accepted now. Printable internship flyers are listed here. Paid work is listed under Partners.

Internship Titles
Internship Descriptions
Is this a fit for you?
Application Process
Paid possibilities
International Applicants

Internship Titles:

Internship Descriptions

Marketing Outreach [Ecology & Urban Affairs, Public Relations & Marketing; 2 people total.]

Focused on contacting potential users of the SpaceShare systems. Our ideal is to find a transportation student to focus on city planning, and a sales and marketing enthusiast to focus directly on event organizers. This may involve both directly contacting the organizers of large events, and other organizations that can contact those events for us such as city planning departments or visitors bureaus, as well as allied environmental organizations. Knowledge and enthusiasm about urban planning are key for the urban affairs intern; people skills are key for both roles, it is important that you believe in the mission of transforming transportation options and that you can express this enthusiasm in a phone call.

Organizing and Volunteer Coordination

Help create and sustain a membership organization alongside the "office" of SpaceShare. Spring, summer festival coordinator.

Help coordinate exhibits at events in your area. Coordinate volunteers, interns, and the tasks they are doing. Edit and help write the monthly Newsletter. Build enthusiasm among volunteers, stay in regular contact with them, and thank volunteers regularly. You'll get to experience many of the responsibilities of an executive director on a smaller scale.

Organizing: Peace Activism Option.

Do you believe that many people would like to do more for peace but canít find the right community and tools to inspire them? We want to build networking tools so that people attending peace marches can make the connections they need. We intend to do the programming work pro bono, but need an organizer & activist to help us design the system and coordinate with activist groups. This might be the best internship for an undergraduate short on business-world experience. You should be familiar with the consensus method and affinity group organizing methods, able to keep your own politics quiet so that you can work with Liberals & Radicals, Anarchists, & Communists, Conservatives who support Bush but are unsure about the war, etc, We want them all to encourage carpooling, and all (or most) to be accessible on our system.

Grant Writing and Nonprofit Development.

On hold: this is too complex to be a normal internship. Help guide the volunteer organization from a loose assemblage to a legal 501c3, and develop a grants and donors program.

Grant & Development Option: Carpooling for Religious Institutions.

[This would be very complex for an internship at this time. It's a large project that -- unlike the other internships -- no one on staff is focused on.] We would like someone to explore carpooling for religious institutions. We would develop a package of tools for each religion with large houses of worship, so that members could set up flexible carpools both for weekly services and special holidays. Your role would be to search for funding to pay for the web application, then work on outreach and education. An organizer at each house of worship would be able to sign in and quickly set up a system for their location. This would be best as a long-term project; perfect for a theology student near the end of their studies, the right person could search for grants as an intern then join our staff when they are successful. We would be happy to see our programs used as a vector for other environmental education.

Web, Arts & Graphic Design

Help design our SpaceShare websystems, our homepage, perhaps a new logo, t-shirts and banners. Any combination of these skills and interests: on-line design, off-line graphics, enthusiasm about user interfaces, team management. Coordinate volunteers helping you with these projects. Since the core staff have not been deeply focused on design and graphics, this is a perfect opportunity to jump into a role of responsibility based on your skills, and get your work seen.

Web Development

Help us build a community website in Drupal, or develop perl technologies for parsing online calendars into our database.

For all roles:

There will be some overlap, everyone will help others brainstorm & proofread, and everyone is encouraged to participate when we exhibit. (Perk: we expect to be sharing free tickets to concerts and conferences where we exhibit.)

Is this a fit for you?

  • We dream big. Our vision statement defines the goals of our organization.
  • We're starting small and practical. Although we do some advocacy and inspiring especially at festivals, we're more about doing the work ourselves than asking others to do it.
  • We treat our interns well, with a high degree of responsibility and respect. If you want to be bossed around and sent to make photocopies, SpaceShare isn't for you. If you need to be micromanaged, SpaceShare isn't for you. Ready to do your share to change the world? Join us!
  • These are student internships: we are not able to pay you, but will do our best to fit these internships into your field of learning. Internships can be adjusted to fit your semester.
  • Working with SpaceShare is a great way to make contacts in your field. Volunteers & interns sometimes do get perks, such as free tickets to events. If we succeed, we will be hiring in the future.
  • We are informal but serious. We expect people to be able to work effectively without being molded to a dress code, and to dress appropriately when in contact with clients without being told. We largely telecommute: it is key that you be able to work without direct supervision, and to ask for help or guidance any time you need it.
  • Interns and volunteers needs are taken seriously. In return, we hope you will put your best efforts into SpaceShare's environmental mission, to make it your own, and to let us know what you hope to get out of it. We hope you'll take opportunities to grow, to learn new skills, and be better prepared for your next adventures.

Application Process

Please include the following information, either by phone or writing (paper free, of course) to info at spaceshare.com. We will ask for a written version later if you call.

What can you contribute to SpaceShare? Don't be afraid to make suggestions or composites of the above internships.

What are you looking for from us? Hopefully the environmental mission excites us all, but what do you want to get out of this: experience in particular skills, a resume, a letter of recommendation for graduate school, a portfolio seen by tens of thousands, contacts in your field? It is our hope that all our interns, partners and employees will be very happy to have been part of SpaceShare.

Questions & New Ideas Welcome!

International Applicants

We receive many applications from outside the US that correspond more to an entry level position than an [unpaid] internship as we use the term. Please recognize that we are not in a position to pay air fare, navigate visas or guarantee pay beyond what is described on the partnership page. We have had a smaller scale international internship work successfully through telecommuting, and are open to applications from potential interns who wish to join our office in San Francisco if they indicate that the above challenges can be surmounted.

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