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Traveling to an Event?

  • Start by carpooling if you can't walk, bike or take public trans!
  • If you live nearby, can you host someone staying overnight?
  • For food, bring your own resusable mug, plate, utensils & napkin.
  • Little artistic idea: Bring your own nametag!

Your impact on the planet at an event depends on the event: do they recycle, compost, make it easy to find a neighbor; is the event t-shirt organic? You can have a big impact by speaking up and encouraging the event to be green!

Traveling to a Hotel & Eating Out?

  • The National Recycling Coalition has a good short summary. Their site in general has many tips on recycling, and is worth exploring.
  • I'm still waiting for the perfect green restaurant guide, but the resources are getting better.
    1. Vegetarian food uses tends to be much less resource intensive, and I find that many veg restaurants are green in other ways. Send your attendees to Happy Cow's vegetarian restaurant guide.
    2. In the San Francisco area, and soon Miami, Thimmakka now has a list of restaurants that have taken steps to being green-certified. Their work tends to focus more on the restaurant (efficient lighting? recycle and compost?) rather than the food.

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