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And our recommendations of who can help you green your event:

Traveling there & staying overnight:

  • Large Events: SpaceShare ride-share, room-share & flight-networking
  • Smaller events: if a dozen people are coming to your house, just ask them about their travel plans! All it takes is a few seconds to announce a meeting point for people offering or needing rides. If it would be helpful, feel free to post a copy: our paper rideboard. Simple steps like these may it easier for people to thrive without relying on their own cars.

Get Supplies

  • Screenprinting in California: GozaGear screenprinting, a certified Green Business, can provide high-quality organic t-shirts with non-toxic inks. They do great work!

Organic, vegetarian, local food:

  • Contact SpaceShare and we'll try to help or find a local contact.

Green Meeting Planners & Consultants

  • Meeting Strategies Worldwide won the Environmentally Responsible Meetings Award given by the International Hotels Environment Initiative and Oceans Blue! Meeting Strategies Worldwide is an overall meetings planner.

  • Green Mary does wonderful work, coordinating composting, recycling, waste diversion and other ways to make your event green. She works with many of the greenest festivals in the greater San Francisco Bay Area including plenty of the early-adopters of SpaceShare, and is available (and highly recommended by SpaceShare) as an eco-consultant.

Finding Green Speakers

  • Educate & inspire by finding speakers at EcoSpeakers.com. They also maintain many links to help their speakers travel green, similar in many ways to the information here. If you can't find what you need here, check their longer lists.

Bonus Points: Community Building & Relocalization

  • People take time, money, and - even under the best of circumstances - use lots of oil to travel to your event. What do they take home? When your event is over, is it over, or does your event create connections where people work and live? Talk to us.

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