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If you support ride-sharing and want to help get the word out, we'd love it if you put an article like this in your organization's newsletter:

Going to a festival, rally or conference? Carpool with SpaceShare!

SpaceShare Green Logistics creates tools that help people share and save resources. Their focus is orchestrating ride-shares and room-shares at events. From a peace march to a business expo, from festivals to academic conferences, SpaceShare can make events more earth-friendly, more affordable, and give you one more chance to make friends or business contacts.

Just like we all can make a difference by asking for reusables instead of styrofoam, and ask stores to carry recycled paper & organics, now whenever you travel to an event, you can make a huge difference just by asking the organizers to provide carpooling, and connecting them with SpaceShare. Replace cars with community!

Learn more at www.spaceshare.com, or contact Stephen at 510-520-6175, or by email at info -AT- spaceshare.com

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