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David Llewellyn

Technology Intern 2006
Staff photo

During my time at Spaceshare I was responsible for the research of new ideas, and also development of ideas within PHP and Drupal.
Most of the work I've carried out has been developing and integrating drupal modules into the existing site.
Here are some of the main projects I worked on:

  1. Setup a copy of the Spaceshare site as a testing grounds for any new code.
  2. Researched and tested many layout themes on the test site in order to get neater looking forums.
  3. Researched the possibilities of e-mail and drupal-forum integration and setup a working example at the test site.
  4. Setup and sourced news feeds on biofuels.
  5. Developed a commitments viewing, sorting and e-mailing drupal-module to integrate with Stephen's commitments flexinode.
  6. Testing/Problem solving on the new site structure (new style introductions, menu items etc).

Stephen adds...

The Commitments module is a particularly impressive programming project: a Drupal module for viewing, sorting, tracking and e-mailing our team's projects. David was given a wish-list and successfully turned it into what we were hoping for. As our staff and membership uses this system, I hope to refine it and eventually have him publish his work, which I believe will be useful for other membership organizations with volunteers.