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We build carpool systems for conferences and festivals. We need someone:
  1. to contact the event organizers and convince them to run greener events (or better networked events, or more affordable events, or however we can convince them to carpool.)
  2. to find "Green Sponsors." Many of the festivals and a few of the conferences don't pay us directly, they give us a sponsorship (sometimes nominally valued at a few thousand dollars, much more than we need to charge if they pay cash) that we need to find an underwriter for.
SpaceShare Green Travel
is looking for a (part-time) marketing partner.

If you could do far more than your share to save the planet, but it involved what conservative businessmen might call good old fashioned work, would you do it?  We're dreaming like the hippies but as practical as the engineers, taking real steps to tranform transportation and fertlize community: today, we're building carpooling and other green logistics tools for festivals and conferences across North America.   We're looking for someone to research large events of many types (academic conferences, festivals, etc), and convince them to use our tools to make their event green.

Green Event Logistics:  We’re a small environmental-entrepreneurial project with big dreams of replacing cars with community, starting with events, then colleges, churches and eventually making it possible for people to walk out of their house with a cell phone and safely and quickly ride where they need to go.

Work for the planet, spread the word:  SpaceShare is a people-project without grants or capital, earning enough to live on as we go.  Someone has to call EarthDance and Reggae and Harmony and a thousand other festivals of all stripes to make greening happen.  Quit your corporate job (or quit your unemployed muttering!) and join the people crazy enough to live our vision!  Today, we’re working with about 80 events each year.  Help us reach 800, then 8000.  

Your Role:

We're looking for someone to research large events of many types (academic conferences, festivals, etc), and convince them to use our tools to make their event green.  In some cases, we are paid when we find a "Green Sponsor" for those events: your role would also include searching for those Green Sponsors.  You'll need basic sales skills, the ability to get on the phone and convince event planners that providing carpooling is worth their while, and to have your enthusiasm for the planet come through in a phone call.


Folklife in Seattle has a quarter million attendees.  You would first find out about their event, then call and email them, inspire them to run a greener event by using our carpool and roomshare tools.  Then close the deal by having Folklife offer us a sponsorship, which we can pass on to a third party underwriter.  Next, you contact reasonably green businesses, and find one that would like to reach the attendees at Folklife and is willing to pay us for the chance to be seen as the company that brought green travel to the festival.

This is all ready to go and already happening successfully.  We need your help to grow it.

Short term or permanent partner:

You get much of the excitement and creativity of starting your own company, without the risk and long start-up.  We’re looking for someone, perhaps part-time to start, to research, contact and close deals with events and sponsors.  Unfortunately we have no capital, so you’d get paid like we do, a portion of the money that comes in.  If you have with an independent work ethic and are a fast learner with good people skills, you could get started quickly (a great way to build your resume while looking for a better paid job).  Or become a real partner and help us turn this into a thriving business, make a huge difference for the planet, over time growing our incomes.

Talk to us:

See our website, www.spaceshare.com, then contact Stephen at info@spaceshare.com and tell us what you'd hope to get out of working with SpaceShare.

Breathe & Create,

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