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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics October Newsletter

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This Month's Key News & Needs

We have two new projects online! Whether you have five minutes or five hours, volunteers are needed to take a look & send us your feedback and improvements:

Send your feedback - details below.

We also need volunteers for events November 4-7 in San Francisco, for the California Association of Nonprofits meeting and the Green Festival.

Neighbor-Match at the Green Festival

It has long been our dream to help "relocalize" activist events: to help people attending large convergences meet their neighbors and become more involved locally. When you go to an event like the Green Festival with ten or twenty thousand people, you shouldn't just go home with a stack of flyers. You should be able to find your neighbors who also attended, find neighbors with similar interests: become connected and get started in whatever way inspires you.

Sign in to the prototype and take a look: www.spaceshare.com/connections_greenfest

SpaceShare News: New Tools for Green Events

The first draft of our Guide to Greening Events is now complete and online. We're centralizing all the information we can find about how to plan a green event, or travel green when attending an event.

This guide is part of our mission to provide more than Green Logistics for events, but to act as an ice-breaker, encouraging events to become green in many ways.

SpaceShare's Guide to Green Events

When you go to events, encourage them to be green.

  • We hope that many of you will print the suggestions score-card and take it with you whenever you attend an event, fill it out and encourage events you like to be ever greener.

SF Bay Area

We have our last few big events before the slow season coming up. If you are in the San Francisco area, please join us and help out at the Green Festival!

If you've been looking for a way to make a difference, show up! We're succeeding beyond the capacity of the current volunteers to keep growing as fast as the ideas grow.

The upcoming Green Festival, November 6-7, was a great event last year. We'd like as many volunteers as possible.

KPFA's Crafts Fair is coming up in December!

Replacing Cars with Community,

Stephen Cataldo
(510) 520-6175

Less Cars, More Community

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