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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics September Newsletter

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We have about one more month before the slow season for events sets in: this month for the first time we've got too many events to be at! If you think SpaceShare is worthwhile, we need you - help with outreach!

* SpaceShare News
* An Action for Everyone:
     Join us at an event! Boulder, San Fransico & Seattle
* New Sponsor & New Faces: GozaGear & the T-Shirt Team
* One Big Action: Help write our Greening Guide

SpaceShare News: Growing Success

Lots of news. We've crossed a new threshold earlier than expected: we're now averaging more than one event every week. The ideas & tools are proving themselves well: we're now looking for more people to help us spread!

SF Bay Area, DC & Seattle

It's a fun way to meet lots of people!

There are events in San Francisco every week in October: Craigslist Boot Camp, OceanFest, and more.

October 14-17, we'll have the Northwest Social Forum in Seattle - that looks like an amazing event.

I have about $500 worth of tickets to give to volunteers in the next three weeks -- please come join me!!! Email Stephen at info@spaceshare.com, or call 510-520-6175, whether you can help for an hour or if you want tickets to a weekend long conference.

We're also helping green the Natural Products Expo East in Washington, DC, though we won't be tabling there.

Thank you to the t-shirt team

Check out GozaGear, www.gozagear.com. They're the first certified green screen printer in the Bay Area, and our first business sponsor! They sponsored the carpools at EarthDance, funding the sponsorship by donating t-shirts. We've had a great response to our first two t-shirt lines.

And who's designing SpaceShare t-shirts? A big thank-you to Antonio Facchino and Evelyn Rodas who have produced initials designs, and now we're looking for more ideas & polishing. Want to be part? Take a look at the drafts at www.spaceshare.com/tshirts, and let me know if you want to be part of the t-shirt design team.

Working with GozaGear, our goal is to have t-shirts printed on organic cotton, using non-toxic non-plastic inks, printed by a small local business that has an environmentally conscious shop and that is active in the community... we're most of the way there!

Help Write the Greening Guide

SpaceShare's mission goes beyond carpooling. We want to help people travel green in many ways, and we're working on both finding and writing a series of guidelines for different types of travelers and different types of event organizers.

Sound like fun? Sound worthwhile? Join us...

Replacing Cars with Community,

Stephen Cataldo
(510) 520-6175

Less Cars, More Community

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