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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics February Newsletter
Carpool to the National Conference for Media Reform, or offer your guestroom in Boston! This is a great event, year after year these folks have a great record of sharing.
Stephen and Ben are excited to finally attend this year!
Expanding Our Mission: Green Conference Websites

SpaceShare has long been "replacing resources with community" using web-based tools. Besides ride- and room-sharing, we've coordinated mentors and built discussion forums for conferences. Now, under the broader name VerdantEvent, we're integrating these tools and more while building complete websites for conferences.

You can see our first site, for the Sustainable Meetings Conference. Let us know what you think!

We think it's a highly functional site, tested at the Sustainable Meetings conference last year and refined since then, ready to bring a whole new set of greening and networking tools to conferences. The current design work is for a site we donated to a green event; we'll hire a designer to help turn function into beauty as we work with our next conference, crafting the look to each client's needs.

Do you know a conference planner who needs a website? We'd love to talk with them, hear how we can build a better website for their needs, hear how they think the new greening tools would work for their audience.

* Although greening is our central mission, we're happy to work with not-particularly green events and add what we can -- please connect us with any conference planners you know, our work brings along many benefits beyond the green tools.

Oil Subsidies

If you've wondered how much the US government subsidizes oil and alternative fuels, it's easy to get a headache listening to different numbers. What Obama should know about ending oil subsidies is a solid article with graphics exploring the relative sizes of government subsidies.

Summary: the government is doing a few things right, a lot more wrong. In these days of budget-cutting, it's a great time to focus on the oil subsidies that damage the planet at the expense of our federal budget.

Green Events Are Better

Help us advocate for Greener events among meeting planners: Better. A great internship for a budding social media guru, mba with a focus on marketing, video student, or someone with an interest in event planning. Intern & be SpaceShare's Social Media Guru!

Do You Want a Corporate Job?

I don't. As SpaceShare aims to transform into VerdantEvent, we need another green-minded person or two to take on an entrepreneurial spirit. Is it you, one of your friends?

If we do it right we'll be greening and spreading the green message (walk first, then talk) to hundreds or thousands of conferences every year, making quite good money, getting the chance to create and innovate, and being leaders and speakers in the event planning world.

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