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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics October Newsletter
SolFest and More

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SolFest this weekend + Conference Exhibits

Conferences: We'll be at Bioneers and the National Media Reform Conference in months to come; tickets to these events are most likely spoken for by past volunteers. We do get really cool, sometimes expensive tickets from time to time, that go to the volunteers who help the most.

Festival: SolFest is next, volunteers head up Friday 9/24 for the weekend. Some of the best green education you'll find anywhere, plus lots of music and festivities.

Volunteer? We don't have a sponsor for this event, so volunteering will be pretty simple. It's a great festival, a good chance to get experience volunteering with SpaceShare if you might want to lead next festival season.

Reply to this email if you'd like to participate.

Potluck Activism

Long ago SpaceShare grew, in part, out of Activist Seedlings. Our goal back then was helping people find ways to get active in the world that were better suited to their own passions. At SolFest this weekend we may sprout a few of those seeds again.

We're big fans of groups of friends getting active together, not just sending a check to the big orgs. Can you turn the next party you were planning into a movie night and party? Can you and your friends join a few different environmental organizations or other causes you believe in as a group?

We're also believers in what I call "Potluck Level Expertise" -- becoming enough of an expert to share skills with your friends, or perhaps a potluck of your friend's friends, instead of relying on the big name speakers. I've been doing this on and off for years on vegetarian and economics introductions, and plan to give talks about the science and debate around global warming. I'm looking both for a partner to work on a presentation with, and small groups of people who'd like to spend an hour or so discussing climate change with a half-expert (I'm in Portland, Seattle, and the Bay often enough.)

If any of this excites you enough to take action, feel free to reply to this email and write Stephen to share ideas. Or if you want to join the occassional political/eco/worthwhile movie night in the East Bay that I go to.

Thinking Community, Thinking Ahead:
What conferences are you attending

Green happens when people ask for it. What conferences are you attending next spring? It's time to ask them to coordinate carpools, taxi-shares and room-sharing now.

Were you introduced to SpaceShare at festivals? See how we're even more effective helping professional conferences.

Social Networking

Founder Stephen Cataldo:

SpaceShare is becoming Verdant Event:

Intern & be SpaceShare's Social Media Guru!

10/10/10 Please and pretty please support 350.org's October 10, 2010 workparties. Naturally, it's best to find one in your neighborhood, so check the website for activities near you, or start one -- help all your neighbors do energy audits?

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