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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics May Newsletter
Spring Means Green Festivals!

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Upcoming Festivals

Huge thank you to Galit and Arthur, who brought SpaceShare to the Whole Earth Festival!!!

Seattle: Northwest Folklife.
Stephen is in Seattle looking for help interviewing people at Folklife and the Green Festival. Can you come play?!

Bay Area: Harmony is next, June 11-13. Great music day and night, plus amazing art, green activism and more. We  need a volunteer with a car who can head up early with the team from the East Bay. We've got experienced volunteers lined up, so we need someone very responsible but first-time volunteer is fine. (All other free tickets you'd be on the waiting list.)

Reply to this email if you'd like to participate.

California: Elections June 8

Don't forget the small elections, don't let your friends forget the small elections, they count! It's especially important to oppose Proposition 16 -- a fundamentally dishonest effort by PG&E to force elections before implementing Community Choice energy programs. Fundamentally dishonest because they cast it as a democratic choice, but actually require a 2/3 super-majority to have any alternative to themselves... locking their not-very-green monopoly into law. We'd love to see a fair vote between Community Choice vs PGE, but that's not Prop 16.

FYI: Sierra Club Endorsements.

Thinking Community, Thinking Ahead:
What conferences are you attending

Green happens when people ask for it. What conferences are you attending this fall, or next spring? It's time to ask them to coordinate carpools, taxi-shares and room-sharing now.

Event planners are busy and this is a low-budget project: when we call as an outside business, it's hard for us to get on a planner's schedule. When you call as an attendee, it makes all the difference.

Think about each conference you'll be attending starting in September all the way through next spring. How are you traveling? Want to meet someone on the plane, share a taxi? Carpool? Let the planners know what you want and that SpaceShare can help them!

Were you introduced to SpaceShare at festivals? See how we're even more effective helping professional conferences.

Social Networking

Founder Stephen Cataldo:

SpaceShare is becoming Verdant Event:

Intern & be SpaceShare's Social Media Guru!

Last, from our allies at TransForm:
How few miles can you drive June 1-7? Take the Car-Free Challenge and find out! www.TheCarFreeChallenge.org

Replacing Cars with Community,
the SpaceShare team

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Oakland, CA 94618

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