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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics July Newsletter
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Greener Hotels, Festivals -- plus free Festival Tickets
This month our growing team is joining an effort to green hotels, redesigning our website with new images and multimedia, while having a great festival season: finished the Harmony Festival a few days ago, and people are organizing their carpools to the Oregon Country Fair right now. (If you're in Oregon and want to help Stephen interview people at OCF, let us know.)

Bonus: Free Tickets to the WorldFest Music Festival for a serious volunteer!

SpaceShare Travel-Sourcing

Volunteer Laurie Sage
smiling at our booth

It was a beautiful and warm weekend to be at the Whole Earth Festival with SpaceShare. The event this year was mellow but we met a lot of friendly people who were interested in chatting with us about carpooling and other ways of creating community. One man approached the booth with his bicycle, eager to share his experience as a newcomer to the country from the UK. He explained that in all his 35 years, he never felt he had to own a car until he came to the US. He expressed an appreciation for SpaceShare's mission and, like us, wants to see a better public transit system operating in cities of all sizes. This interaction reinforced the changing global mindset; slowly but surely, people from all over the globe are recognizing the importance of sharing transporation and ultimately fostering a sense of unity and community.
-Galit Erez

We still have Worldfest Music Festival tickets for a great volunteer. Do you have more design skills than money, and love festivals? Speak up! We're looking for a work-exchange volunteer for one of the following roles:

  • Journalism: Videotape interviews of attendees green experiences at Oregon Country Fair or WorldFest.
  • Green Poetry: Design a skit inspiring festival attendees to be green.
  • Graphics & Video: Take the lead on generating images of people carpooling & sharing appropriate for SpaceShare.
Please contact us if you'd like to be more involved in a work-exchange for the tickets.

No Stars: Help Improve the Hotel Rating Systems

Does luxury mean an organic mint on your pillow?
Ask for it!
Which would you rate higher: a hotel that uses green cleaning products, or a hotel that individually wraps 7 different bathroom products? The standard rating systems by AAA and Mobil give their stars for the overpackaged excess, but ignore the planet.

SpaceShare is joining the Green Event Guide's Campaign to Green the Hotel Stars System, and we'd like to encourage our allies to join in.

Will you join many others in taking some very simple steps when you stay at hotels? Explore the campaign's tips to look for green hotels, ask your hotel to be greener, review hotels for their greening, or write the organizations that rate hotels and encourage them to meet your needs.

One of SpaceShare's "discoveries" as we work to build carpool systems is that consumers have tremendous power just from speaking up, yet very few people let businesses know what they want. One of the most powerful steps you can take to help the movement to green events -- both SpaceShare's carpool and sharing tools and the effort to green hotels -- is simply to start speaking up and asking for what you want!

P.S. SpaceShare is helping create the Green Events Guide, and encourages our members to volunteer there. Cell Phone Radiation Tip
Sticking microwave transmitters against our ears is quite a grand experiment. It's not challenging scientifically to find which phones and headsets send the most microwaves into our skulls, but the information has been hard to find. We finally found a review comparing phones: Cell Phone Radiation Review.

Brief Online Volunteer:

Can you take a look at the green festival "skits" and help us craft them into a good story? Help can be as simple as two minutes reading them and telling us which is your favorite (this would be a big help, we've been looking at them too long!) to helping write the storyline.

Thanks! Famous Quote of the Month

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.
-- Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

SpaceShare Quote of the Month

YES! Folks found me on the list, and cut the very expensive hotel costs by more than half! (hotel was the most expensive item; and though I was willing to spring for it on my first conference, I might have hesitated about returning next year. KNOWING it will be this easy to find roommates, I'm already looking forward to the next conference!) - From "Farming for the Future" this January

Replacing Cars with Community,
the SpaceShare team

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Replacing Cars with Community

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