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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics May Newsletter
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Preparing for Festival Season

Festival season is here! Erin, Jeff and now Cathal are wrapping up calling festivals, soon to move on to conferences. Aaron, Alie, Arthur and Galit are leading the festival team -- we could still use a few more hands at festivals, especially some photographer/interviewers, from southern California to Seattle in May. Next month we'll be asking for your help telling the world about Laura and Wolfgang's Green Events Guide and sharing Thomas' festival greening graphic.

If we had one wish: a green business that sponsored carpooling at festivals. Do you have contacts?

Conference Photographs

Solar 2009 is a few weeks away, followed by a number of health-focused events.

Did you sign up with us after attending last year? We're looking for a SpaceShare enthusiast to carry a camera and take some photos for us. Snapshots of your carpool partners, the recycle bins, anything green that catches your eye. Thanks! (Let us know if you intend to do this -- and ask people if SpaceShare can have permission to post their photos!)

Festival Volunteers

Another festival season begins! Join us -- if you can commit now, we'll get you tickets.

  1. Lots of volunteers for the Whole Earth Festival May 9-10, a free and beautiful celebration in Davis CA. Davis residents: can you host a volunteer?
  2. Perhaps one or two more people -- first shot at our tickets goes to people who are interested in learning how to be core volunteers who can help coordinate a booth at future festivals -- for the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, CA June 12-14. Come for a day or camp out with us.
  3. Photographer and interviewer at Joshua Tree May 15-17 in Southern California or Northwest Folklife May 22-25 in Seattle -- or the LA Marathon Expo that same weekend.

Win Free Festival Tickets! We have two tickets to WorldFest that will be given to one or two of our favorite volunteers! SpaceShare doesn't ask for financial contributions, we want you to help co-create. Festival volunteers, green event photographers, anyone who connects us with a potential Green Travel Sponsor -- you might get free tickets to WorldFest or another event that we've helped green.

These are the the same tickets won by Galit and Arthur last year.

Connections Request: Help SpaceShare Find a Sponsor

Do you have connections with a company that could benefit from sponsoring Green Travel to festivals? Please connect us -- it could make a big difference, sponsors would let us reach hundreds instead of dozens of festivals.

Do you use Esurance? Know if they are as green as they imply? Could you suggest us here: greensuggestions@esurance.com so we can be on their map?

Proofreaders and Web Designers Help us with our nearly finished Green Events Guide or our barely begun new homepage.

Explore our Volunteer Roles and Partnership Opportunities.

Have a friend looking for a summer internship?

Replacing Cars with Community,
The SpaceShare Team

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Replacing Cars with Community

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