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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics February Newsletter
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Pah-sah tai 'carpool' pôot wâh yung-ngakrup?
or, How do you say 'carpool' in Thai?

SpaceShare Travel-Sourcing

Macbook views wireless cafes of Bangkok

Halfway between a small business and a nonprofit, SpaceShare has long been looking for adventurous people who'd like to earn a living working on a green project from someplace amazing-and-affordable. I'd had a great time doing this for a friend's company in Chiang Mai years ago, but have had a tough time finding people from the US. This autumn we've started having success, and now I'm happy to have troubles keeping track of where Jeff is working from. I've come to Thailand myself to interview some folks here, and have met some amazing people. I hope you'll hear from me next month with some new participants and rapid growth underway.

Art and Photos for the Green Events Guide

Wolfgang is putting together a new design for the Green Events Guide, and we would love to be able to use your photos or artwork related to greening festivals and conferences. Do you have a Flickr album from Whole Earth, a YouTube of SolFest, a photo of your friends carpooling that you would be happy to share with our designer? Just reply and let us know!

Pittsburgh in February: Greening Hospitality Conference

I'm not sure how I'll force myself to leave Chiang Mai's gentle winter and head to Pittsburgh in February, but SpaceShare is presenting at the Green Meetings Industry Council conference.
  • Interested in helping me practice my presentation on using technology to green meetings? Have experience ideas on greening meetings with tech? Help me workon this very rough draft of the presentation.
  • Any of our volunteers in Pittsburgh? Interested in the conference? Willing to offer a couch, or a tour?
Tiny Green Printing Tip

Do you still print documents? Some folks with great attention to detail have developed an eco-font that uses about 20% less ink. Free and easy to download. (Thanks to CameraGirl from the BurningMan greening list for finding this tip.)

Web Hosting Referals

We use two web hosts and are happy with both. We'd appreciate anyone looking for a web host checking them out and listing us as the referrer:
  • OneWorldHosting is no longer recommended.Cheap and pretty reliable for five years now with good responses when I email them. Does all the basics, runs cgi perl programs fast -- and our Drupal CMS but a little slow, which is why I've moved some new work to Pair. I've been using them since before there were green options -- and of course have asked them for their enviro policy. If you sign up, look for "If recommended, please enter domain name of referrer," and enter "spaceshare.com" They've been making major errors taking out our webpages recently, we can no longer recommend them and been very sloppy about things like telling us the day a server would be upgraded so we could at least watch for problems. Haven't decided if we're moving or not; we'll update this if they show signs of getting it together.
  • Pair Networks. Highly recommended to us, and we're agreeing. Pair is a good bit more expensive, but runs faster and takes user support very seriously. We've started using them for Drupal sites, which are resource- and database-hogs needing the extra speed. They've been very responsive and helpful. Follow this link to credit SpaceShare with the referral. Also check out their greening policy.
Famous Quote of the Month

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.
-- Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

SpaceShare Quote of the Month

YES! Folks found me on the list, and cut the very expensive hotel costs by more than half! (hotel was the most expensive item; and though I was willing to spring for it on my first conference, I might have hesitated about returning next year. KNOWING it will be this easy to find roommates, I'm already looking forward to the next conference!) - From "Farming for the Future" this January

Sink or Swim: Festivals

This last year a huge amount of effort has gone into coordinating for a growth spurt to green many more festivals: Laura launched the Greening Guide, Wolfgang is currently redesigning it, Padmini is about to write a press campaign for it; meanwhile I've rebuilt a database so Jeff can research hundreds of festivals and all ultimately so Yogi can spend January and February calling the planners about setting up carpools for their spring and summer festivals! Now we find out if the plan comes together...

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