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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics June Newsletter
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Festival Season & The Greening Guide

Thank you Whole Earth Team!

A big thank you to Galit, Neel, Alie, Aaron and Erin for volunteering at the Whole Earth Festival!

Upcoming Festivals, Volunteers Needed, Free Tickets!

Within 3 hours of San Francisco

Harmony Festival, June 6-8 in Santa Rosa. Again sponsored by Columbia Gorge! The core team so far is Stephen [team lead], Arthur, Julie and Cruz. Transporation is still up in the air -- can you transport our booth and supplies? If you're interested in volunteering and need a ticket, there may still be space or join the waiting list by replying to this email.

Volunteers: Ticket Give-Away! We've got two tickets to the California WorldFest July 17-20! These are intended to reward someone for playing a major volunteer role at SpaceShare. We don't plan to have a booth, so volunteer duties at this festival will be next to nothing. Reply to this email if you'd like to be nominated for this prize, or tackle one of our volunteer roles for it.

Oregon and Northern California

Next up: Possibly the Oregon Country Fair, then SolFest in Hopland. We've got the tech-team in place; more volunteers (especially team-leads) would mean more festivals could carpool!

Reply to this email if you'd like to volunteer, or lead the volunteer team!

Internships Update: Greening Guide Underway

The Greening Guide is underway right now! Check out Laura, Lani & Santoash's new Green Guide for event planners and travelers. Expect regular changes (and occassional errors or outages) as we work ... your help would be welcome!

Volunteers Needed: Do you, or you and some friends, want to create the green skit, video or flash that will introduce thousands of festival folks to the greening guide? We need a widget that we can offer to festivals to help them encourage greening. Artists and designers needed; tech help welcome, but if you bring the art we can find the tech to match. If you'd like a summer internship with SpaceShare, we'll find good work for you to stretch your skills, from finishing the greening guide to many other volunteers and internship possibilities. Quote of the Month
"The most common way people give up their power is thinking they don't have any." -Alice Walker

California Election June 3

California Residents: Important Environmental Propositions on June 3 Ballot!

Don't forget to vote, especially to oppose 98, a bill that would promote sprawl and cause confusing legal entanglements for many environmental efforts, along with many other effects less related to SpaceShare's mission. There are many voting guides to help get you through the chaos of California's initiatives, including California League of Conservation Voters voting guide.

Green Tip: Eco Fish

The Environmental Defense Fund has a Smart Choices When Eating Seafood guide; or check out Seafood Watch. Ordering greener fish can be particularly important for event planners who feel the need to provide a non-vegetarian alternative -- a little care in choosing the fish can have a big impact. For more on fish safety and broader ocean issues, you might want to explore Mother Jone's focus on the oceans. As always, SpaceShare encourages our members to SPEAK UP -- ask restaurants which fish they offer are safe for both you and the environment every time you order, and tell them about these guides if they don't know!

Breathe & Create,

6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175 (Stephen)

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