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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics March Newsletter
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Upcoming Events of Interest:

Festival Season Returns

From working on live or web-animation greening skits, to helping staff our SpaceShare booths, SpaceShare is continuing to grow, and will need more hands and hearts than ever this season. From May through October we'll be exhibiting at many wonderful festivals. Check in now if you're ready to play your part! Among many upcoming events, here are a sampling of favorites, events that would love your participation, and where more local hosts are needed.

Split This Rock -- Poems of Provocation & Witness -- is this coming weekend in Washington DC.

San Francisco in April

Visualize Ecocities. Join us -- volunteers needed at our table -- April 22-26 at the Ecocity World Summit. The Summit is a global event -- not to be missed if you're in public transporation range this year!

Step up to help lead the festival booth team at Joshua Tree May 16-18 or Whole Earth Festival May 9-11.

Video Contest Underway

The video contest mentioned last month is underway -- please explore the Think Green, Live Green Challengel. Your participation in the contest is a very easy way to get involved with SpaceShare... explore all the entries, sign in and join our online team and share your ideas.

Quote of the Month
"All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than one lovely action" -- James Russell Lowell

Green Tip: Hotel Travel, Speak Up!

Hotels cater to you. One of the big impediments to hotel greening is simple: hotels are reluctant to ask you to hold onto clean towels, or to provide you with refillable shampoo dispensers instead of little plastic bottles, for fear of upsetting even just a few customers. One or two simple and polite comments requesting an increased effort at conservation could shift a hotel's attention to pleasing green travelers. You don't need to make a big deal out of leaving comments: if the option not to wash sheets and towels isn't obvious, if the lights don't shut automatically when you leave the room, just let the hotel know that would be your preference.

One of SpaceShare's "discoveries" as we work to build carpool systems is that consumers have tremendous power just from speaking up, yet very few people let businesses know what they want. Most of our new conference and festival partners only start carpooling and sharing when one of our members asks them to!

Breathe & Create,

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