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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics February Newsletter
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Help Create a Green Festival Video

Help create a web, flash or video introduction to greening for the summer festivals! Email Saralynn (reply to this address) if you want to lead or be part of the team!

Watch the SpaceShare Video Entry in the "Think Green Live Green" Challenge

Thanks especially to James and Nareeya, we have entered a three minute video introduction to SpaceShare as part of the Think Green, Live Green Challenge! Enter your own quick video about your green inspirations, or vote for ours!

Jobs, Partnerships and Adventures

SpaceShare is continuing to look for independent-minded partners, either for paid travel-sourced work from somewhere like Thailand or partner/commissioned marketing work, and a partner (research, writing, networking) for the Green Weddings website.

SF Bay Area folks looking for more regular work in the transportation field might want to check out the Transportation and Land Use Coalition, who are hiring a Program Assistant, an Education Coordinator for Safe Routes to Schools, and a campaign assistant. Quote of the Month
"People try nonviolence for a week, and when it does not work, they go back to violence, which hasn't worked for centuries. -- Theodore Roszak

Your Turn to Speak: Basic Membership Survey

We're hoping to hear back from more people on our poll & survey It's part of our new community site -- please create an account, that website will eventually absorb this newsletter.

Your Turn to Participate

We're starting to move volunteer tasks over to the community site, where you can explore the volunteer tab, or search the ways to participate and jump in.

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Replacing Cars with Community

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