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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics October Newsletter
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House of Worship Carpools

Church carpooling and community building is now under development at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley. We're hoping to have beta testing start in October. Development is using Drupal if you'd like to be involved in creating the tools, and this winter we'll be looking for a grant writing intern to help bring carpooling to more religious communities. Are you waiting for a Special Invitation to volunteer?

Did you long ago say you could help with some project, and maybe you would if someone sent a personal email? A lot of people are waiting for Special Invitiations: Would you be interested in being the Inviter? SpaceShare is looking for a volunteer coordinator, helping people transform inspiration into action. It's a straight-forward role and very important for our organization. Just five or ten hours a month, but with a long term committment, and you could help transform SpaceShare's festival and activism efforts into a real community.

Upcoming Festivals: NONE! (Ready to help grow next year's festival team?)

Maybe I'm the only one, but I'm excited for the cold weather and the calm weekends of winter season. The next few months SpaceShare's focus will be on the other side of our project: working with professional conferences and other indoor communities.

Is your heart with the festival community? For the last two years, the festival side of SpaceShare has started spring with someone from the festival community ready to take over the festival exhibits -- a mix of fun, a little fame, and a good sized dose of responsibility and being focused while others party -- but we still haven't found a team that can run a booth smoothly without the founder. The closing effort of the 2007 Festival Season is outreach to find a serious and committed person, or people, to bring carpooling and greening to the festival communities. This role could start soon, entrepreneurially contacting next year's festivals and sponsors, or could be a volunteer role next spring. Contact us if you love festivals and are ready to show up to make them greener!

Be the heart and song of SpaceShare's festival greening team, inspire people with good intentions to do great work!

Design and Content Updates:

October will see later stages in Mindy's design work and Laura's redesign of the Greening Guide. More hands are welcome, speak up!

Comics and News: Alternatives to Reducing Consumption

Can we keep living like we've been living and find techno- or economic-fixes? Carbon offsetting is a media favorite, but not without detractors, some of whom have expanded Global Warming reductions to include Global Cheating.

Biodiesel is a Berkeley favorite. Hugely successful at making better use of fryer oil, government-subsidized mass-produced biofuels are starting to scare people who care about food supplies and tropical deforestation. Once the fryer vats are being filtered and used, the next stages seem to call for less political subsidies and more scientific progress before biofuels are a real alternative in the US.

Breathe & Create,

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Replacing Cars with Community

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