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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics August Newsletter
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Design Month:
Join the graphics team being led by Mindy Lue during her summer internship at SpaceShare.

August is Design Month at SpaceShare

Hello, this is Mindy, graphics intern at SpaceShare. It's design month, and I am in the middle of some major redesign! Here is my progress so far:

  1. Icon set for use on spacesharing websites: We're trying to summarize SpaceShare's community-building message in 32 bits by 32 bits. More information on these along with the icons I've made so far here.
  2. SpaceShare homepage redesign. Here is how the draft looks so far, at 75% of the fullview: main page, sample inner page.

If there are any graphic or web designers out there, I would love to meet you! And I would greatly appreciate any guidance and help.

Other ways to help: take photos related to sharing and greening at gatherings! We especially want a photo of professionals packing a Prius or handing each other cards as you get out of one. Or take a shot at icon design, so we can have a variety: what does community building look like at 32 by 32 pixels, for online bulletin boards or meeting an ambassador at a conference? Or aim bigger, and help redesign our 10' by 10' booth for festivals!

Upcoming Festivals, Volunteers Needed:

Events within 3 hours of San Francisco

Solfest in Hopland is just around the corner, August 18-19 (we need a ride on the 17th for our booth.) Alie will be bottom lining this festival, helping coordinate the volunteers -- if you'd like to help (and get a free ticket), please reply to this email and she'll contact you.

Saturday September 8 is the next event after that: Power to the Peaceful! Volunteers welcome there as well. Then EarthDance, Sept 14-16 in Laytonville.

Internship: Learn Content Management and Online Community Building. SpaceShare's community website is continuing to inch along. We'd love to help teach someone very valuable (and reasonably simple) web skills, come be the coordinator, editor and cheerleader for our online community!

Miami and East Coast Hours after Solfest closes, Stephen will be heading on a redeye to Miami and the Idea Factory, a conference for event planners, August 20-23. Would love affordable housing options from one of our volunteers? The weeks after would be a particularly good time for East Coast events, if you know of any, to start introducing SpaceShare to new regions.

Berkeley: Green City Gallery

Visit the gallery near Berkeley BART while you can, it's an amazing place, host to Berkeley's Green Drinks and a great place to learn about local greening efforts. Ingrid Severson, a sometimes SpaceShare volunteer and Project Leader at our ally Bay Localize, deserves big congratulations for her role.

Entertaining Resource: Walkability Score

See how your home (or potential home) ranks for walkability. Walkscore measures how close stores, parks, schools and such are to your home. It's not perfect yet -- rivers, hills and weather aren't taken into account, but I found it entertaining, and plan to explore it carefully next time I move.

Tomorrow's News

  • We'll be choosing a church, synagogue, mosque or similar in the Oakland area and begin work on their carpool system very soon!
  • A new school year is approaching -- know anyone looking for a solid world-changing volunteer role or internship?
  • SpaceShare is working with friends to create a Green and environmentally friendly weddings site. Getting married soon or know someone who is? We'd love to share ideas on greening their wedding, and welcome bloggers.
  • September will be "Content Month," looking for writers and editors to help re-create the site we're designing now.

Breathe & Create,

6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175 (Stephen)

Replacing Cars with Community

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