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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics July Newsletter
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Summer Goal: Entrepreneurial Expansion

David Rotenberg is taking the lead in heading SpaceShare towards a multi-partner and more profitable enterprise:

After much thought and deliberation, Stephen and I are looking to expand SpaceShare into an entrepreneurial team. We will be inviting new members into the partnership, aiming towards a business that is both profitable and world-changing.

We are looking for green and entrepreneurial-minded new partners ... read more online.

Harmony Festival Report

The Harmony Festival had a record-breaking team -- thank you Kelley, Ingrid, Ky, Michael, Yogi and Alie! The festival felt like the evolution of SpaceShare into one weekend: one person running the booth in an endurance marathon Friday, to having seven pairs of hands and a very easy, effective and fun day Sunday.

A detailed summary of the event and where the festival part of SpaceShare is going.

Upcoming Festivals, Volunteers Needed:

Events within 2 hours of San Francisco

Here are the next events where we need volunteers, can you commit? California WorldFest 7/12-7/15/2007 and SolFest August 18-19

Visualize Ecocities and Eco-Conferences. The conference connections part of SpaceShare is growing fast. We're introducing a new generation of SpaceShare tools for the Ecocity World Summit next Earthday in San Francisco. I highly recommend this event if you can make it!

Miami and East Coast I'll be heading to Miami for the Idea Factory, a conference for event planners, August 20-23. Would love affordable housing options from one of our volunteers? The weeks after would be a particularly good time for East Coast events, if you know of any, to start introducing SpaceShare to new regions.

SpaceShare on the Radio!

Green Seed Radio, Spreading the word about environmental efforts

SpaceShare's Stephen Cataldo was interviewed on Green Seed Radio on 4/21/07.

Ingrid Severson from Bay Localize, also a volunteer at the SpaceShare booth at Harmony, is interviewed on the same show.

Introductions: Graphics and Web Design Intern

Seeking Design Advisor:
SpaceShare would like to pair our interns with experts in the field. Last summer Shaina mentored our writing intern. If you are a design or graphics professional available for a weekly check-in during the summer, you can help both SpaceShare and our interns!

My name is Mindy, and I am currently a student at UC Berkeley majoring in computer science. When I am not busy fretting over coding and debugging, I am most likely drawing or designing things to put online; I have a very close working relationship with Adobe Photoshop. I am very much still learning the rules of graphic and web design and would love any guidance!

Mutual Support Corner: Credit Unions

Have you noticed the number of festivals sponsored by large banks? Often these same banks are listed on environmental organization's boycott lists, and meanwhile neighborhood Credit Unions are invisible at our community festivals. As usual, SpaceShare is looking for ways to connect the cooperative green projects: what do you think of having a group of Credit Unions cooperate to sponsor greening at festivals together? We could simultaneously fund festival greening and get neighborhood credit unions much greater publicity.

Are you a long-time member, or about to join, a credit union -- can you connect SpaceShare with someone there?

Lost Volunteer?

Keeping track of all the people who offer to help SpaceShare is a full time job, with no caretaker to fill that job. If you're ready to get involved, or if you've fallen through the cracks, jump in and speak up! The community site is continuing to evolve and lists a wide variety of tech and non-tech ways you can help!. Many old newsletters list needs and only some are filled, saying you may want to help in general isn't the same as picking a project and making it happen!

Breathe & Create,

6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175 (Stephen)

Replacing Cars with Community

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