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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics First Summer Newsletter
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This month... We're in the middle of festival season, most of our news will focus on efforts to rapidly grow by another dozen festivals this summer:

Festival Help Needed!

Events within 2 hours of San Francisco Here are the next events where we need volunteers, can you commit? Harmony Festival 6/8-6/10/2007 and California WorldFest 7/12-7/15/2007.

Visualize Volunteering
It's SpaceShare's policy -- but more importantly our reality -- that about 20 hours of volunteering lets you "sponsor" a festival. You don't have to build the site yourself: commit to redesigning the graphics below, and you'll free up enough time for us to build another site together.

Join in and be part of the movement to green the summer festivals. We're averaging more than one event each week: and we've reached the limit with volunteers so far. We've had to turn away some events -- today I'm donating a site to the World Vegetarian Day festival but turning down Island Festival in Puget Sound and 10,000 Lakes -- festivals we're very inspired to be at, but until more people join, one event each week is simply all the energy we have. We're growing slowly -- you can help us flower!

Volunteer: Animate Us -- Graphics, Videos

1 -- Take videos of our booth and our message at Harmony or other festivals?

2 -- Help us create a fun image around carpooling! These are just the very very earliest drafts of brainstorms, to inspire our artists not to publish yet: bring your art to the festival carpools, make them fun and colorful! Making SpaceShare's work beautiful and colorful is vital to the project, we need artists!

share the festival flag green your home, yard or buy or sell green real estate green cars fuels and alternatives to AAA green events calendar environmental and green weddings rideboard to the festival rideboard, roomshare and green travel for this festival

Berkeley/Bay: Local Economies Workshop

On June 2nd, 2007 from 3:00 - 6:00 pm at U.C. Berkeley, the Campaign for Bay Area Localization hosts the Bay Area Localization Leadership Forum -- a high-level gathering of public officials, business innovators, and community leaders to chart an economically resilient and environmentally sustainable Bay Area economy. SpaceShare is invited to be part of the breakout session on energy -- interested? If you can attend, please visit the BALLE Conference site and register for "SAT PM: Bay Area Localization" ($10): https://www.sporg.com/registration?link_type=form&form_id=69588&view_type=wind

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