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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics May Newsletter
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This month...

Festival Season

Festival Season begins this weekend, where Columbia Gorge Organic Juice is sponsoring carpools to the New Living Expo. We're understaffed -- This Weekend -- Help needed! If you're in the Bay Area and can volunteer for even a couple hours, stop just reading the newsletter and come join us! Upcoming events we'll exhibit at include Whole Earth in Davis, Joshua Tree Music Festival in southern California, Folklife in Seattle, then Harmony in Santa Rosa.

We have a team forming to focus on music festivals -- they may be writing an article for the final draft of this newsletter -- join in!

Outreach: Your Role

Talk to events: Many summer festivals are becoming greener -- be sure to thank them!!! Someone in each of these organizations has advocated for carpooling, composting, whatever improvements they've made -- and your positive commments are what will empower them, within their own organization and their own budget requirements, to keep pushing greener. Download our greening guide, and share ideas with each event you attend this festival season.

Speak up online: It's been an hour and half since someone called and told us how great SpaceShare was -- don't tell us, tell people who've never heard of SpaceShare! Would love it if someone could nominate SpaceShare for enviro awards that could help generate more publicity for SpaceShare, and spread us further outside the Bay Area. If you've cut back your carbon footprint or helped someone cut theirs through SpaceShare, we'd love a few nominations on Focus the Nation's award page.

Greener Computers

After all that focus on music, one brief note on technology:

GreenPeace is ranking computer manufacturers, with some surprising improvements from their previously bottom-ranked, and the one reason I'm considering replacing my very old Apple with something else. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/news/chinese-company-tops-greenpeac

Another way to reduce the production of new computers: switching from Windows to Linux can often give an older computer a longer useful life: you can still read email, surf the web, and use a word processor on old machines if they don't use all their processing power to run the operating system. In past years, we've run into folks who can help you explore free and opensource software as co-exhibitors at the Whole Earth Festival May 11-13.

Breathe & Create,

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