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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics April Newsletter
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This month...

Check out the Wilderness Rideshare Forum and leave your comments.

Ride-Share to The Wilderness

It's here! Join us at the Redefining Wilderness "RideShare to the Wilderness" workshop, to be led by Stephen Cataldo from SpaceShare. Volunteers needed!!! Help with the workshop, help take notes, multiple people needed to help staff our table, or blog about the event!

San FranciscoRedefining Wilderness looks like a great event, it's a labor of love for Mike Yoshioka and the other activists trying to host a large wilderness-saving event on a shoestring. It's April 5-6, and FREE, so explore the panels and other workshops and join in!

Wildly Successful February Outreach Efforts

Last month's newsletter announced an outreach effort, and since then we've been in two of the online news sources we listed. Thanks for writing about us!

Sara Holt wrote What Grabs You: Reducing Gridlock, Making Green Friends for GreenOptions. Sara and some other East Bay folks have been getting SpaceShare ready for the spring festival season. If you'd like to join us, meetings are usually Wednesdays in north Oakland -- email your interest, and be in next month's newsletter!

Join us at our growing list of spring events. Volunteers needed!

SustainLane Logo SustainLane is helping us spread green event-travel to the business community. They empower consumers, businesses, and cities to go green:

  1. SustainLane Government, an online sustainability knowledge base for state and local government,
  2. SustainLane.com, a community-driven directory of green products and businesses, and
  3. The Unsustainables, animated characters stumbling towards the future.
Outreach - Your Turn:

As you go to festivals or conferences, blogging about everything they do green is a great way to encourage changes in the right direction!

Add your voice! See last edition's list of green blogs to explore and add your comments

SustainLane has a great section for reviewing local green businesses, with a prize of an eco-friendly car going to one of the reviewers -- has anyone reviewed the Nomad (our green cafe and SpaceShare's other office); has anyone reviewed SpaceShare? If you win the car, we have a booth and a couple volunteers that need an early ride to the next festival...

ChicagoSustainLane's event page appears to have tickets for the Green Festival in April -- where SpaceShare will be helping with rideshares and guest hosting.

Columbia Gorge: From Nonprofits to Harmony

Columbia Gorge Organic Juice's donations were well appreciated at the Nonprofit Software Development Summit where SpaceShare presented our ideas, among many many others. Columbia Gorge plans to sponsor green travel to a variety of events this spring... we're launching the Harmony Festival ride and room share with their help this weekend!

Breathe & Create,

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