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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics March Newsletter
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Ride-Share to The Wilderness

SpaceShare and Redefining Wilderness are exploring an exciting new green project: a nation-wide "Ride-Share to The Wilderness" program. We hope to inspire collaboration between environmental organizations while raising awareness about wilderness issues among a wide audience of casual outdoor enthusiasts. Plans for "Ride-Share to The Wilderness" are starting now and your involvement and ideas will be key to helping the program take shape.

SpaceShare will be hosting a workshop about wilderness rideshares for the 2007 Redefining Wilderness Symposium (April 5-7) at San Francisco State University's Student Center. SpaceShare is currently looking for co-hosts or co-creators of the workshop as well as volunteers to help staff a SpaceShare table at the symposium.

Get involved and help set the ball in motion to implement a nation-wide Ride-Share to The Wilderness! To participate, email Lisa [at-sign] spaceshare [dot] com and keep an eye on www.spaceshare.com/community for more news.

Wildly Successful February Outreach Efforts

Outreach - Your Turn:

A great way to help SpaceShare is to blog about us, post about festival and conference carpooling on forums, join the conversation.

If you met a friend on SpaceShare who you are still in touch with, we'd love a quote about the side-benefits and community-buiding that happens when you start greening.

Could you review SpaceShare on Sustain Lane? Or add a comment at World Changing s Use Community: Smaller Footprints, Cooler Stuff and More Cash? Explore festivals and encourage greening at Festival Preview? Or jump into a green transportation conversation at Tree Hugger, , Green Options, or Dianovo?

About 100 green professionals gathered in Portland to connect on greening the meetings industry. On Feb 8, Stephen from SpaceShare gave a talk on both SpaceShare's work and our philosophy of greening through community building.

Later that day, Morgan gave a short talk at the Urban Alliance for Sustainability movie night, then we gave a brief intro at the Wild Wilderness party Saturday -- three talks in three days!

During the same week, we were mentioned in the Event Solutions magazine! (You have to register to download this.)

And welcome to the new members who found us in Visions Magazine's January Edition, The Journey is the Destination. If you love the summer festivals, look for a copy!

Office and Tech Question:

We're putting together a research and contact database, hopefully integrated with email. In our ideal world, we'd have an opensource solution that combined a database of events with an email client, so the database would know about our email communications smoothly. Do you have something like this at work? Have a suggestion for us, or a desire to help work on it?

Oaklandish Innovators Award

Connect us! Can you help us find a large religious congregation in the East Bay that would be excited to have a carpool system? You're welcome to suggest your own congregation, especially if you would like to play a role in outreach.
Oaklandish has honored SpaceShare "recognizing trail-blazing community work in the East Bay Area." Oaklandish, in conjunction with Bay Area Localize, is funding a church, synagogue or mosque carpool system in the East Bay. We are currently looking for an East Bay religious community to help green: philosophy and ideology don't matter, our ideal candidate is a large congregation that includes many people driving, and excitement to cut down the number of gallons burned for weekly services.

This is a very exciting development. Religious services carpooling has been one of the "dream projects" since SpaceShare started, and this could become larger and more important than everything else we've done so far. We're truly hopeful that this will be the prototype for a national system!

Breathe & Create,

6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175

Replacing Cars with Community

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