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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics February Newsletter

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This month...

Portland: Green Meeting Industry Council Conference

Stephen will be speaking on the Sustainable Transportation Panel at the GMIC Conference. The GMIC is a leader in greening conferences and corporate meetings, bringing these ideas to a mainstream/corporate audience. Portland residents: Would anyone in town like to host SpaceShare's founder for a few days next week, Feb 5 or 6? Or introduce me to environmental must-see activities in your city? Are there nonprofits that SpaceShare should partner with? Can you make introductions while I'm there?

Movie Night + Interview

Read an interview about SpaceShare in the Urban Alliance for Sustainability (San Francisco) February newsletter, or come to their movie night on Feb 8 where Morgan will be talking about SpaceShare.

Festival Carpool Sponsors

With festival season fast approaching, we need additional "Green Travel Sponsors," companies that pay for, and get great publicity for, providing carpooling. Connections?

Forest Carpools

SpaceShare is leading a workshop in April at San Francisco State University for the 2007 Redefining Wilderness Symposium: Ridesharing to Wilderness. Co-creators and volunteers needed. SpaceShare is hoping to provide the technology for a national carpool-to-the-wilderness system, but it will take many other participants. Can we get the big environmental organizations to cooperate enough to get their memberships to carpool? We're looking for co-hosts for the workshop now. Can you help write the letters and press releases or help at the workshop?

PS: Wild Winter Benefit Party for the Redefining Wilderness Symposium on Feb 10.

Business Partner: Green Weddings?

Next month the volunteer opportunity will be something simple again. This month:

Today I gave a brief talk to Professor Bhat's MBA class about launching a Green Weddings Website. I'm ready to move forward with this: Green Weddings will become a website with a wide variety of advice, stories, references and tools for hosting a green celebration, including of course carpooling. Like many website businesses, it's financial success could be hit-or-miss. But if we do this right and work in tandem with SpaceShare's other greening efforts, I think it could be a solid success.

Interested? Want to be a partner in a ground-floor green business? Can you support yourself for part-time green work that might or might not pay off? There are many hours of research and networking to make this happen, aligning affiliates and helping green wedding planners get started or current wedding planners become green. Web and design skills would also be welcome, though marketing and development is more needed.

Skits at Festivals

Welcome a new volunteer, Adam Chanzit, a playwright who will be writing a few skits for us to perform on stage at festivals this summer. We'll be looking for performers next!

Breathe & Create,

6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175

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