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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics August Newsletter

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This month...

Paying for Gas, or exploring Earth-Gifts?

It's traditional for passengers to help pay for gas. When the driver is on a budget, this clearly is the best way to help. But what are some other exciting ways to return the favor, and perhaps help the earth at the same time? My first thought: Carbon Offsetting your host's car for a year seems like a great gift. We need your creative ideas!

Post your thoughts on our community board. Let us know what other creative solutions you have for rewarding carpoolers! Share your great ideas for earth-gifts today!

Upcoming Festivals

Our next festival is Power to the Peaceful: a free festival in Golden Gate Park September 9, with performances by Michael Franti & Spearhead, Blackalicious, and many other artists, djs and inspiring speakers. Great booths, great music, great fun. Power to the Peaceful is a fantastic event to attend if you're interested in volunteering with SpaceShare. Especially if you haven't volunteered with us before. Come spend an hour at the SpaceShare booth and help people build community and support peaceful actions in our world. To volunteer, just reply to this email.

One week after that is EarthDance, and SpaceShare has one prized ticket left! We're looking for a SpaceShare regular who knows how to run the booth and can take the lead on getting our message out to the crowd. EarthDance is an amazing event -- lots of people on this list first joined us there. Not to mention, EarthDance holds the record for having the most carpoolers: about 600 people signed up!

We might also be able to get a discounted ticket for one other person who volunteers a few hours. Again, just reply to this email if you want to get involved.

See our Upcoming Events list for more information about Power to the Peaceful, EarthDance and other green events.

Volunteers: Dance, Design, Video, Perform!

SpaceShare builds green travel tools that work, we're ready and waiting for tens of thousands of people to change the way they travel. Bring your vision, joy, voice and creativity to inspire those thousands to start sharing! Interns or serious volunteers needed:

  1. Video. Film and photograph our booth, or help us design a video introduction to SpaceShare.
  2. Performance. Someone out there wants to save the planet and be on stage! Create skits about greener festivals and perform them in front of thousands.
  3. Web design. Our site needs a serious volunteer who can see a design to completion. For quality work, we'll get you publicity. We may even find you clients when SpaceShare partners with festivals that need web work.
SpaceShare is a community effort, participate!

Our Team, News and Updates

August is a transition month: Michael and Mary have wrapped up exciting summer internships. We wish them great success in their future endeavors. I also just finished a reference letter for David Llewellyn's new job search. David programmed a fantastic "Commitments" module that we are now integrating into our volunteer management structure. Good luck, David! Just starting, Sonja Tsang is beginning a Green Weddings internship. Under Columbia Gorge's sponsorship, Alie, Abraham, Kelley and I spent the weekend at SolFest, where we met many amazing people interested in SpaceShare. We have some great leads from SolFest, and hope some of those new seeds will sprout before the next newsletter!

Breathe & Create,

6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175

Replacing Cars with Community

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