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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics July Newsletter

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This month...

New Directions

Michael Smith was listed in our last newsletter as a new intern. A summer has raced by, and we have a lot to show for it. Camp Democracy is coming up this September in Washington, DC, a national event likely to make some headlines, and thanks to Michael's outreach efforts SpaceShare is playing an important role, helping coordinate carpools, buses and hosting.

Lightning & Sunshine

We're in the middle of festival season, trying to keep up with the growing list of green festivals. Here's a photo of Mary at Lightning in a Bottle; we missed the chance to attend the California World Music Festival that same weekend, having reached the point where we sometimes set up carpooling for two events at one time. We're trying to integrate a growing list of volunteers, to get more people trained so you can run a SpaceShare booth. When you can, there will be many chances to spend your weekend at festivals without paying for the ticket. A great event where we need more hands is SolFest in Hopland, the weekend of August 19 and 20. The 21st I'll be in Denver for the Idea Factory, a conference for event planners, where we'll be showing hundreds of conference organizers why a greener conference is a better conference. Anyone live in Denver - let me know!

If I can't dance I don't want to be part of your Revolution

Dance, sing and act in front of thousands, and be part of our revolution. You may not become quite as famous as Emma Goldman, but we need some theater folks to design and perform skits about community building including ridesharing, to perform at festivals in front of thousands. We've got some ideas to get your started, but could use a playwright's help pretty badly.


SpaceShare doesn't ask for donations, we look for participation and contributions. Step up, be part of the effort! Connecting us with a new conference is more valuable than sending a $20 check, and keeps us from spending all your money hiring staff to ask you for more money! Join the conversations begining at http://www.spaceshare.com/community, and think about how you can dance in our revolution.

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Replacing Cars with Community

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