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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics May Newsletter

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This month...

  • Amazing Events & New Directions: Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Campus
  • Expanding the Little Green Expo: Green Realty & Housekeeping
  • Festival Season

Amazing Events and New Directions

I'm writing this as I fly back from the Spiritual Activism Conference, which was just days after the Whole Earth Festival. These two events bring us closer to the next dream projects
1 - carpooling to churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship.
2 - college and university carpool systems.

Everything is in place to move forward. We just need more people who want to see this happen and are willing to work for it. We're still looking for a sales & outreach partner here, and a writing and office-support person who'd love to work from Thailand. Surely one of your friends would find that to be a dream job? Get involved!

Expanding the Little Green Expo: Green Realty & Housecleaning

Along with connecting people with neighbors to share rides and resources, we're now connecting people with neighboring green businesses.

Do you know a real estate agent or housekeeper, who is or who would like to be green? Help us find allies for the Little Green Expo. We are looking for green businesses that would thrive if someone would help them get the word out, across the US. Put us in touch with your Realtor or housecleaning friends and contacts, and we'll show them how to convert their businesses to be environmentally friendly, then find more clients for having made the switch!

If you are buying or selling a house, or looking for a green housekeeper, let us know. As we find green businesses in your area, we'll connect you.

Festival Season

We're amidst too many festivals to list. If you'd like to help spread the word about ridesharing, meet lots of great people, and get free tickets to festivals, write me! Tell me where you live or what types of festivals you want to attend, and I'll let you know as we need more hands. You can also see some of the festivals at our upcoming events page.

Dream & Create,

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Replacing Cars with Community

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