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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics March Newsletter

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This month...

  • SpaceShare's Most Active
  • Antonio needs Greening Events Research Partner
  • Greening the Burn
  • Blog: Corporations, Tipping Points & Connectors
  • Action: Our Allies, Tipping Points & Connectors

SpaceShare's Most Active

  • Stacie Auvenshine: Outreach coordinator talking to event planners, inspiring them to try our approach to greening.
  • Carissa Cabrera: Working closely with Stacie from Thailand, researching appropriate events for us to contact.
  • Brad Gaffney: Perl programmer coding tools to magnify Carissa's web research, aiming to reach thousands of events.
  • Stephen Cataldo: founded SpaceShare, excited to pass on the existing SpaceShare project to new folks and start work on the next generation of community tools.
  • David Llewellyn: Web development intern. First project is to help create a community forum for SpaceShare staff and volunteers.
  • Shaina Johnson: Our editor and mentor for editing interns.
  • Evelyn Rodas: Our Hero. That's her official title here, from having saved numerous SpaceShare festival exhibits the last two summers. There are a variety of other folks involved intermittently as well, and new interns we'll introduce soon. We'd like you to join us!
  • Ali Kriscendski, Matt LeShure -- just begun (intro in future newsletter).
  • and Antonio introduces his project below...

Greening Events Research Partner Needed

Anyone up for a great research project? Stephen and I have talked about centralizing info on greening events, and it's time to get down to it. Please contact me at afacchino @ yahoo . com to help out.


Greening the Burn

Burningman has done amazing work in past years to "Leave No Trace," exploring both creative environmental ideas and new social structures to make them happen. Still, Burningman has required vast resources. A growing core of people are hoping to stitch together smaller green efforts, help lighten the event's broader environmental footprint, and teach everyone new green ideas. Among other ideas, they're creating an online library of how to green your Burningman camp. SpaceShare hopes to get involved. Of course, SpaceShare offered to build a rideboard designed for heavier use. But our real dream project is to build a networking tool for green ideas: connecting people who have greening skills with camps making a particular effort for the first time. If your camp is great at water conservation and wants to learn how to build a solar oven, you'll be able to find both students and teachers. If you're a part of a Burningman camp that would like to help this idea flourish, Burningman needs greeners, SpaceShare needs cross-volunteers to make our part happen. Let me know, and sign up on http://tribes.tribe.net/greeningtheburn

Corporations, Tipping Points & Connectors

Since starting SpaceShare, I've learned quite a bit about the reasons the world is turning into one giant corporation. One major reason has nothing to do with evil plots or monopoly powers, it's simply about the sharing of information, about collectively paying attention to each other's work. Within the environmental movement there is a lot of talk about cooperation, but information is shared slowly. For example, if you ask me who you can charter a bus from, I can answer Grey Line, but I don't know who to contact to put you in touch with all the hippies with a waste vegetable oil bus. So many wonderful, small projects spend half their time networking, we all repeat the same research efforts over and over. What is the answer?

We have to connect. We either connect at the top in a corporate style, or we connect at a grassroots level. If you want to live in a world where smaller projects and businesses can thrive, begin playing small leadership roles, connecting the organizations you are in. SpaceShare will be modeling tools to help people create small neighborhood groups. Rather than joining a large organization as an individual, we want to make it easier for you to connect with your friends first, create community at the local level, and then find information and action steps from the larger organizations. More on this in future newsletters, or check out the Mime Troupe website in the next few weeks.

But SpaceShare also needs your help. We don't have a large budget for reaching our allies, we don't want to spend our time and your attention fundraising to hire someone to connect us, we want you to be part of our project....

Our Allies, Tipping Points & Connectors

A small but important volunteer role for everyone:

Should you favorite cause be connected to green travel? Could you be our connection with another environmental effort, membership organization, or your favorite blog? SpaceShare wants to find our allies the grassroots way. Could you sign up (email us) which organization you could be our connection to? Are you in Music For America, MoveOn, Planet Drum, Sierra Club, a political group? Your role is simple but would make a big difference: Mention SpaceShare at their meeting or on their blog. Tell us about their events, what we should know about them.

For example, EcoSpeakers just added SpaceShare to their resource list for event planners. If we survive the next five years, everyone will know who we are -> today is the crucial time for SpaceShare. We have an audience of about a thousand of you reading this newsletter, that's great but that's it. Connect us to hundreds of allies, announce us at meetings & newsletters, and we'll thrive; keep quiet and we'll continue to be an amazing idea that the world "should" do, and the traffic jams at festivals and colleges will continue to be something environmentalists can righteously complain about. There is no shortage of amazing environmental ideas that could change the world, seeds trying to sprout. It doesn't take much to water the garden!

Dream & Create,

6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175

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