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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics Jan/Feb Newsletter

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This month...

  • Spring is Coming: Connect SpaceShare to Festivals and Conferences!
  • People Who Give a Damn Internship
  • Apply for SpaceShare's New Board
  • Run away: know anyone who wants to live in Chiang Mai?
  • Speak Up!

Spring is Coming: Connect SpaceShare to Festivals and Conferences!

Spring is almost here! Think ahead: what festivals will you be attending this year? Oregon Country Fair? Bluegrass in Colorado? We rely on you to help spread the word. In this world overwhelmed by spam, we can't just email a conference organizer and get their attention: we need people who register or buy tickets to ask for green travel options. One call on your part can make a big difference! We especially need people outside the San Francisco area: let festivals know that SpaceShare gets many more people carpooling than putting up a bulletin board. Send the organizers an email encouraging them to run as green an event as they can!

People Who Give a Damn Internship

Benjamin Melançon, a founding member of People Who Give a Damn has graciously lent a hand, funding an Intern Who Gives a Damn helping SpaceShare with our outreach efforts. As a cash-poor organization this could make a big difference for SpaceShare: a relatively small stipend can help attract great students and assist them in making a longer commitment.

Apply for SpaceShare's New Board

SpaceShare is forming a Board, to help us grow to the next stage. We're looking for people with a variety of skills and passions to help guide SpaceShare as we grow. Public policy experts, business and accounting advisors, urban planning, Socially Responsible Investing experts. A more detailed announcement will be made soon, but if you'd like to be part from the beginning, contact us now.

Run away: know anyone who wants to live in Chiang Mai?

If I don't count the flights, the time I spent in Thailand was some of the greenest living I've ever done, simple room, local food, no vehicle, little stuff. Carissa will be living my old dream. Living where she wants to live, and working part time for SpaceShare to extend her travels. She was going to fly there anyway, but now she can stay longer. If you are travelling to a wonderful location with a low cost of living and would like to earn your keep while there, let us know: web researchers and writers needed.

Speak Up!

We met many of you at conferences and festivals. Sometimes our work goes smoothly enough that the event organizers don't realize how many people we helped! As you buy your tickets this year, be sure to thank them or ask them about SpaceShare & green travel. Remember to thank festivals and conferences that do the right thing!

Breathe & Create,

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