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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics October Newsletter

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This month...

  • Green Festival & KPFA Crafts Fair
  • Encouraging Green Events: Environmental Expert
  • New Volunteers
  • Volunteer Needs: advice from a realtor & a car-efficiency expert, and a web researcher.

Festivals in San Francisco We'll have a small table at the Green Festival Nov 5 & 6. If you want to be a hero, lots of people need homestays. Our next big event is the KPFA Crafts Fair, December 10-11 in San Francisco. Volunteer!

Encouraging Green Events: Environmental Expert

We've been using the calendar at Environmental Expert to research many of the the conferences that we've helped green. If you are ever looking for information, contacts and events within the environmental industry, their website is a tremendous resource. Last spring, Caitlin began reaching out to the people organizing calendars of the events we want to green. Environmental Expert is leading the way in getting their community to be greener, listing our green travel work on their website and in their newsletter. Thousands of people who attend - and plan - conferences from asbestos remediation to zoology will be introduced to green travel.

We're hoping this is just the first of many event calendars to encourage both the organizers and attendees of large gatherings to organize greener travel. Thank you Environmental Expert!


Alex Gorun has been working on a new website design. You can see it at www.leaders.ro/spaceshare.

Arthur Gomez is designing t-shirts for next year, and has also helped sell our t-shirts at the booth for his business, Wild Organic earthtonic.com.

Francis Roberts, Jesse Dicarlo-Wagner, Shana Abell and Hazel are all about to jump into the next expansion of SpaceShare. There are more volunteers and interns hopefully joining us soon!

We've got three volunteer projects on the hot-list this month.

In particular, we need a tiny bit of help from experts. Do you know:

  1. A Realtor?
  2. An expert on car fuel efficiency?
And a project for anyone, researching the Little Green Expo...

Volunteer/Advisor: Realtor.

Are you, or do you know, a realtor who we could ask a few questions? We're hoping to get into the "Green Realty" business (really, help create the business). A half-hour in a cafe or on the phone would be tremendously helpful, just a tiny volunteer role that will make a big difference. As bicycle-riders organizing carpools, what could be more natural than renters organizing green realty!

Volunteer/Advisor: Car Lover.

Do you know everything about your car and how to keep it fuel efficient? Your tires are the perfect pressure, it's tuned to waste as little fuel as possible? SpaceShare's current core team is car-free and car-clueless, but we want to set up fuel-efficiency stations at events we attend. We want to lend people a tire-pressure gauge and tips on fuel efficiency (do you have a recommendation?) This could be a very simple, but very important, volunteer role for someone who already knows about car upkeep.

Volunteer Project: Little Green Expo.

We're slowly putting together the Little Green Expo, an environmental festival shrunk to fit in one booth. We need help researching green products for this: from basics like water filters, to educational toys like solar panels for laptops. we want to reach beyond the "converted." Most environmental projects and festivals talk almost exclusively to those already green. We want to bring our Little Green Expo to jazz festivals and professional conferences, reaching people who rarely hear from the environmental movement.

Can you help us research green options!?

Dream & Create,
The SpaceShare Team

6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175

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