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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics September Newsletter

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News & Happenings

We're wrapping up our busiest season yet, with two events almost every week in September. And the most people to carpool to a single event, 690 folks signed up to carpool to EarthDance.

If you're in the Bay Area, join us for the Hoesdown, a festival at the Full Belly organic farm this Saturday, Oct 1. We ran an exhibit last year, they've got great educational programs mixed with music and locally grown food. Volunteers are needed, anytime from around 10am to 6pm. Joining a tabling effort is fun & easy, a great way to get started with SpaceShare - reply to this letter if you can help.

Another option for Saturday is the Solar Homes Tour. Meet your neighbors and see how they're making their homes greener, in Northern California where we built a rideboard, or nationwide.

Manifesting the lyrics of peace

We've spent the summer at festivals where peace and planet are in songs that fill the air. SpaceShare works, we can manifest those ideas now. Will it happen next year? At a dozen festivals or a thousand? This project was started by very few people, but now that it works, we need our community to grow.

Chop wood, carry water, haul out the bag of recyclables.

Community building and peace building do take work. When there are too few hands, the work gets done by a few martyrs who burn out. When enough people decide that they aren't just singing about community but are willing to lend a hand, the work becomes a joy. The question is real: will people from this community stand up, bring your joy and your hands and your voices, and make ridesharing and other community-building earth-protecting tools part of reality, right now no matter the political climate? There's nothing in the way from spreading this across North America, we don't need corporations or millionaires, we just need our community to make our songs real, we need "you" to become "us."

We're bringing in a few new interns.

Shana and Jesse are just joining the team this week, and we're getting in touch with and finding roles for many new participants from EarthDance and other events. SpaceShare's exploring a new model towards environmentalism and community building: just going out and doing it. We're not foundation funded or a project of a wealthy donor. That means that everyone who wants to get involved can take on worthwhile, challenging roles. Here are a few new ideas - do you have a friend looking for an internship or underemployed and complaining about the economy?

Get involved: don't ask for donations, let's make it happen!

A beautiful booth & a beautiful job. At the "Greening of Festivals" workshop at EarthDance, one goal discussed was replacing all the environmentally nasty vinyl banners with hand painted signs, supporting local artisans. We want to redesign our booth, without going to vinyl. SpaceShare was started by mathy-geeks and we need artists to join us: help us paint banners for our booth, or redesign our website, or write and perform skits about carpooling in front of thousands. If you want to design banners for many booths and turn this into a job or business, let's talk!

Support Green Businesses. Our "Little Green Expo" spreads the word about many environmental projects at the festivals we attend. We need a researcher to find new partners. A good project for someone who wants to volunteer, jump in and see results soon: research water filters and help us find the best partner.

Work for the planet, spread the word. If you could do far more than your share to save the planet, but it involved what conservative businessmen might call good old fashioned work, would you do it? SpaceShare is a people-project without grants or capital, earning enough to live on as we go. Someone has to call EarthDance and Reggae and Harmony and a thousand other festivals of all stripes to make greening happen. Quit your corporate job (or quit your unemployed muttering!) and join the people crazy enough to live our vision!

Our Community

By next month, we hope to have a community website, so people who would like to contribute can all communicate with each other. If you know Drupal and can help us design the site, please help!

If you'd like to be involved with SpaceShare, you are welcome - if you'd like to be doing more and we've fallen out of communication, please write again!

Dream & Create,

Stephen Cataldo
6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175

Replacing Cars with Community

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