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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics August Newsletter

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Our upcoming events are at spaceshare.com/upcoming

If you live near San Francisco, we could really use your help at the Solar Living Institute's SolFest in Hopland this weekend, August 20-21. Columbia Gorge Organic Juice is once again our Green Travel Sponsor, they are a lot of fun to work with (volunteers get unlimited samples). We'll be handing out juice samples along with running the SpaceShare exhibit. If you like what SpaceShare is doing, a lot of people are out of town and we're short on volunteers for this weekend, so we could really use your help! Whether you can come by for an hour or help all weekend, we'd love a hand -- we'll provide tickets and help with transportation for serious volunteers. Email us if you can help!

Future events needing volunteers are Power to the Peaceful, and possibly EarthDance. We'll try to get you tickets to other events if you help out when we exhibit!

Activist Tools

When you feel ready to face a challenge in the larger world, do you have a community that stands with you? For many thousands of people who want to make a difference, the answer is unfortunately no. If you care about world hunger, you might send $20 to an organization with thousands of members and hope they do good work with it, but you might not know that your neighbor down the street is interested.

SpaceShare aims to change that, helping people find neighbors with similar interests at the large events we work with. EarthDance will be working with us on the prototype. If you go to EarthDance, you'll be able to find neighbors who have similar interests, making contact before your travel. You meet your neighbors who care about the same causes as you, spend the weekend with them, perhaps camp with them, visit the nonprofit booths together. From bookclubs to action groups, we hope to get many people started on the path they have been looking for.

If you go to EarthDance, there will be a number of ways to participate, helping people get started on a path of activism with their neighbors. One choice is to volunteer with us. Another option, if you are already part of an organization then you can use the system to recruit. For example, if you're already part of a biodiesel group, you can encourage your members to go to EarthDance, sign on to the system, then all find your neighbors who are interested in biodiesel and help them get started. Instead of a sixty-second interaction at a table, you can create a camp area for your issue, and get to know each other and begin to form a real community.

Get More Involved with SpaceShare.

What would it take for you to get more involved with SpaceShare? Do you feel invited? Do you understand what we are trying to do, and want to help, but don't know how? Would you be interested in blogging for us, or reading more articles? Would you participate in an online forum? Come to a meeting? We've got a great mission, and we need more hands to grow faster.

Dream & Create,

Stephen Cataldo
6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175

Replacing Cars with Community

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