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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics June Newsletter

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  • Finding Allied Businesses: Start Living in the Green Economy Now
  • A Big Thank You to Many Wonderful Volunteers
  • Volunteers Needed: T-Shirt Designs

Allied Green Businesses: Support the Economy You Want to Live In

Check out spaceshare.com/greeneconomy

It's time to make the green economy happen. New Shoots in the last newsletter described how we can support, and be supported by, businesses that that are doing the right thing for the planet, right now. We find green companies that are providing great services, enabling you to engage the green economy without making sacrifices, but where the green companies just don't have the marketing budget to let everyone know. We spread the word about these companies at the events we green, and they help fund the carpool systems.

For all the green businesses we're working with, we'd love to hear your feedback. We hope to learn more about these companies, and be certain we're only working with people who treat the planet, and their customers, right. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Please take five minutes to see if there's a company or project that inspires you, or suggest projects we are missing: spaceshare.com/greeneconomy

Letting them know you heard about them from SpaceShare helps fund our carpooling efforts!

Greening Your Automobile

Being green while being mobile is often a challenge. From time to time we'll include articles in our newsletter about how to make your car as green as possible. We're starting with one of the easiest things you can do...

Are you or your friends AAA members? Your congressperson has been hearing from you: AAA represents millions of drivers, and they tell congress that you want highways instead of green spaces. AAA has a long record of lobbying against the environment: let's make them an example that anti-environmental lobbying will hurt a company's bottom line.

The answer is easy. You don't have to give up being rescued if your car breaks down at the side of the road. Just switch companies to an environmentally-friendly alternative.

The Better World Club is a progressive company doing the same work for you as a corporation that has been lobbying against environmental causes for years. Be sure to use promotion code SPAC (as in SPACeshare), it should be automatic if you use the link above, and let us know if you sign up. Thanks!

Along with roadside assistance for cars, they'll rescue you and drive you home if your bike breaks down!

Big Thank You's to Many Wonderful Volunteers

SpaceShare is growing fast, and many new people have been helping. Here are just a few; thank you to everyone whether you're listed here or not!

Naomi, Chris, Lauren and Tim were a tremendous help at the Sun Festival in Arizona and Folklife in Seattle. Special thanks to many people who've offered me rides from sunny Phoenix to raining Seattle!

Looking to hire someone? Underemployed, caring and competent people often volunteer with us. Until we're budgeted enough to hire them ourselves, we'd be very happy to pass on recommendations for people who've done a great job helping us run our exhibits.

Five interns have just started this summer: Alison, Jon, Arthur, Stephanie and Hanh.

Alison: Hi, everyone! A Portland, Oregon native, I'm a junior at Williams College in Massachusetts and am living in Berkeley for the summer. In addition to providing editorial advice, I am the SpaceShare Volunteer Coordinator for the summer, so please contact me at alison@spaceshare.com if you are interested in helping out! You can check out our volunteer opportunities at http://spaceshare.com/volunteer/, see below, or just ask. Hope to hear from you soon!

Volunteers Needed Good gracious, don't let Stephen design another t-shirt! We're looking for inspiring, attractive, not too controversial t-shirts designs. We're thinking inspirational quotes, set against creative, beautiful backgrounds. Can you design one? Do you have a simple design that could be the background for a Thich Nhat Hanh quote? Or a quote that belongs on a t-shirt, related to hope, community or the planet? Send in a sketch or design you'd like hundreds of people to wear and smile at!

Summer Events Calendar: We need you in California, Ohio, Portland, Olympia and Seattle! We have too many events to list in each newsletter. If you'd like to volunteer, please email us with your home city and the types of events you'd like to be at, we need the help!

Be the Change,

Stephen Cataldo
6420 Colby St.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 520-6175

Replacing Cars with Community

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