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SpaceShare Carpooling & Green Logistics March Newsletter

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Spring Season

It has been a very busy beginning for spring. SpaceShare has transformed from a project that worked with a few perfect-match events like the Green Festival, to a well functioning organization able to help green as many events as we can find the resources to reach. The next stage in our evolution is to grow our resources by finding underwriters - companies with an advertising budget who want to fund our carpool systems in exchange for the publicity. When we find the sponsors, we'll be able to pay staff, and really start to grow. The miracle we need right now: a new part-time partner, to search for sponsors on commission. Know someone?

Spring Events: We need you in California, Scottsdale and Seattle!

SpaceShare plans to be exhibiting at all these events. This is a great way to help out, have fun, and meet people.


  • April 22-24, San Francisco, New Living Expo.
  • May 6-8. Davis, Whole Earth Festival.
  • June 11-12, Santa Rosa, Harmony Fesival.


  • ,May 27-30, Folklife Festival.


  • April 30-May 1, Scottsdale, Sun Festival.

We also have a ticket and table for the Greening the Heartland Conference in Chicago, starting on June 1, a green building conference. We're looking for a sponsor but may not find one. Interested?

Finding Green Sponsors

We're happy & proud to announce Columbia Gorge juice as the sponsor of the Whole Earth Festival's ride and room share. Columbia Gorge Organic Fruit Company is a family-owned business that is 100% organic! Columbia Gorge funds our work, and the festival gives them a chance to exhibit, where they'll be bringing compostable cups to sample their juice.

I've heard good things about them from contacts at the Whole Earth Festival, and am happy to support a small organic venture in a field dominated by megacorporations.

Worthy Companies Needed

Do you have suggestions on companies that might want to underwrite carpooling in exchange for some great sponsorships? Finding sponsors is the make-or-break issue for SpaceShare right now: what business is inspiring you? Do you have any contacts? Do you know anyone who'd like to try their hand at finding sponsors for a commission?

Volunteers & Activities

We have a whole new art team: Nancy working on Green Event's homepage, James is improving the user interface, David is working on the Greening Guide, and Laurie Winestock will be joining in soon.

Outreach: Antonio has begun outreach to speakers, hoping that some people who speak regularly at events will carry the message about carpooling. Caitlin, using email letters Peter helped redesign, is starting getting back positive responses from her efforts to have online calendars encourage the event organizers to be green. Alex has completed two research projects to help us reach more events and more sponsors. And last week, Mai began as our business & marketing intern, exploring the field of sponsors.

The team is growing - more to announce next month!

Green Events News

Check out the Green Meeting Industry Council. They're an ally of ours, working with meeting industry professionals and event planners, focused on education, providing resources, and certifying. In the ecology of making events green, SpaceShare and the Green Events Initiative are "weeds," cracking up asphalt to get the process started, giving conference planners an easy starting point and forming a movement of travelers demanding green events. The Council works as a gardener, training experts and changing the industry standards, working towards a thorough transformation of the meetings industry.

Be the Change,

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